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Kaushal Kakadia is Sociallyin's CTO/COO. He is an inbound marketing expert, Google Adwords expert, and a New Orleans Sports expert. He is responsible for the daily operations of the agency and the web development department.

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Posted by Kaushal Kakadia on August 17, 2015

Productivity Hacks for Developers

Maintaining a high level of productivity as a developer can be difficult at times. It is a bit tricky, but these productivity hacks really work.

Topics: Design

5 Content Marketing Principles Most Businesses Get Wrong

Content marketing is the logical evolution of social media, the practice that puts the theory into action. See what your business is doing wrong today

Posted by Kaushal Kakadia Marketing

Stop Bad Marketing

Traditonal/Bad marketing may still have value in reaching older generations, but isn't as efficient on younger demographics. These 3 steps can help!

Posted by Kaushal Kakadia Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing VS SEO

We explain the value that SEO and inbound marketing can bring to your website, and examine the inbound marketing vs SEO argument a little.

Posted by Kaushal Kakadia Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing: Dummy Guide

What is Inbound Marketing anyway? How does it work? Is it effective? Read the whole article on Inbound Marketing here!

Posted by Kaushal Kakadia Inbound Marketing

Understanding PPC Optimization and SEO Optimization

Want to know more about understanding PPC optimization and SEO optimization are related then read this post.

Posted by Kaushal Kakadia Design

The Basics of Inbound Marketing

What are the basics of inbound marketing? People have different definitions or understandings of the term so let's break it down for them.

Posted by Kaushal Kakadia Inbound Marketing

5 Best Brand Engagement Practices for Social Media Success

Best Brand Engagement Practices for Social Media Success. Best practices for listening, engagement, publishing, advertising, and measurement.

Posted by Kaushal Kakadia Social Media

5 Bad Signs in a New Adwords Agency Client: Tell Them No

Read our post on some "Bad Signs" your Adwords Agency should look for in client prospecting. Confused, request a consultation with our experts here.

Posted by Kaushal Kakadia Advertising