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With an average of 80 million photos posted each day, it’s easy to get caught up in the mix of photos on Instagram. With so many users it is also a great way to showcase your product. The best way get your pictures out there is to add a hashtag. Hashtags provide you with more likes, followers, and engagement. Use them to categorize your photographs.  

To get started, post pictures and use popular hashtags. This will begin developing an Instagram presence.  One popular hashtag is #photooftheday. You can pick a photo from behind the scenes at your company. While these popular hashtags are easy to use, do not use popular hashtags if they have nothing to do with your content. 

Start to branch out with the hashtags you use – If you hashtag something like #love, so is everyone else. Target your audience in a more direct way.  How will you come up with hashtags for your industry? Ask yourself what field you're in, what the top hashtags are for your industry, and if you were a customer what keywords you would search for if you were looking for a similar product. When you come up with your hashtags, create a note on your phone and save them. It will make life easier when you are posting a picture.  You won’t have to sit there waiting for a great hashtag to come to you. 

Users who post with 30 hashtags will get the most likes, but this can also start to look like spam. Keep your hashtag count lower and relevant. While #likeforlike is a popular hashtag, do you really want that on your Instagram? You want people to like your pictures because they like the content you are posting. Keep your hashtag limit between five and ten. Of these hashtags, you can put some of them in the comments after you post the picture.

Instagram can be fun.  There are a few hashtags that people use for each day such as: #ThrowbackThursday and #MotivationalMonday.  Share an inspirational quote for Motivational Monday. It can be a quote from someone in your office or from an entrepreneur.  Create your quote as a high- quality image and share! Hashtags such as #blogging can drive extra traffic to your blog. Post a few pictures of you writing a blog and post them with #WIDN (What I’m Doing Now). 

Hashtags are an important part of the social aspect of social media. Now go out and share your content with the world. 

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AuthorLizzie Earley

Social Media Enthusiast living in San Antonio, TX.

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