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Posted by Maddie Comer on July 09, 2015

How to Attract Upper Classmen to Your Graduate School

The students you are trying to attract have already had the college experience. Find out how to attract upperclassmen to your graduate school.

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By this point, the students you are trying to attract have already had the college experience. They have lived through what people say is their prime; pulling all-nighters, eating pizza 4 days a week and making memories they'll never forget. So, you need to attract them differently than you would incoming freshmen.

No more using all the campus food options as a selling point. Here are some ways to attract upperclassmen in your graduate school:


Let applicants know that your school is accredited. This can be a big selling points for some degree programs, such as law. If your school is not accredited, talk about how great the departments are.


Location is usually a factor in choosing schools. Tell possible students about the surrounding community. Give them a preview of what the culture is like. Is it laid back, high-strung, lively?

Career Assistance

People attend graduate school to be able to get a great job afterwards. Talk about your school's placement rate after graduation and where some students end up being an employee. Let applicants know how helpful the school is with career assistance.


Students will be spending lots of time around their professors and they will enjoy that time more if they like the professors. Advertise how great your school's instructors are; you could include testimonials from past students.

These are just a few starting points; you could attract students countless other ways. Find out what applicants are looking for in a graduate school and use those factors to pull them in. Good luck!

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