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Posted by Matthew Myles on April 03, 2017

SociallyIn Toolkit: HeyOrca

Spotlight article on HeyOrca: How SociallyIn successfully uses this diverse tool.

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Many would agree that effective communication is essential to creating an organized and efficient workspace.  At it’s core, that’s all social media is.  A virtual web of interweaving connections that allow for seamless communication across great distances and innumerable platforms.  

At SociallyIn, we’re constantly searching for new means by which to optimize our communicative process, and we’ve curated a plethora of innovative tools to remain on the cutting edge of new discoveries.

Among the newest additions to our social media "toolkit" is HeyOrca. A highly collaborative social media platform that allows for Facebook and Twitter post scheduling.  Unlike similar post scheduling programs, HeyOrca incorporates a "post approval" feature that allows in-house photographers and graphic designers, as well as social media managers, to review content before it is posted—all in one place.

Typically this process would occur in very distinct phases, all of which function independently from one another.  Photographer's would curate and send their top photos to account managers, and designers would submit all designs in a similar fashion.

While this model works, it splits a communication process into many different portions that works just as efficiently; if not more so, when combined.  HeyOrca manages to blend these workflows perfectly with an easy to navigate interface and highly customizable notification settings.

For Sociallyin, HeyOrca is most useful because it helps optimize content quality and production speed without sacrificing communication.  The extremely valuable and versatile niches that this tool fills have made it an indispensible asset. 




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