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Posted by Audra Gines on April 06, 2017

Facebooks "Collections," the next big thing

Facebook releases newest ad platform, "Collections," to create a more user-friendly shopping experience for the mobile user.

Mastering content marketing on a budget can be tricky

Understanding the in's-n'-out's of content marketing: The importance of creating "thumb stopping" content in social media.

Posted by Audra Gines Inbound Marketing, Marketing, Facebook, Instagram, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing

Business Ad's: The New Side of instagram

Optimize Your Reach with Instagram's Business Stories Ads, Instagram releases new advertising format, allowing you to advertise Instagram Stories.

Posted by Audra Gines Instagram ads, Instagram, Social Media Marketing, Instagram Stories

4 Tips For Your CPG Company's Community Management

These tips will get you started with social media engagement for any consumer packaged goods brand.

Posted by Danielle Stratman Social Media, Marketing, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Social Media Marketing

How To Make Subjects Feel Comfortable In Front of The Camera

A few tips to make people feel more comfortable in front of the lens!

Posted by Matthew Myles Facebook, Instagram, Photography

What are all these changes with instagram?

Do not condemn technology just yet. Instagram is changing, but not as dramatically as you may think. What is changing exactly? And how? And when?

Posted by Anna Weissinger Social Media, Instagram ads, Instagram, Social Media Marketing

The rise of FOMO and what apps you can use to prevent it.

Have you ever heard of FOMO? If not, you have definitely felt it. Here are a few apps you can use to prevent the fear of missing out.

Posted by Anna Weissinger Social Media, Instagram

5 Free Iphone Apps To Enhance Your photo-based Content

A quick breakdown of the easiest and most effective photo editing apps available.

Posted by Matthew Myles Social Media, Design, Instagram

Psychological Characteristics Behind Different Social Platforms

The key to connecting with audiences across platforms is knowing the right voice for each one.

Posted by Gary Thompson Social Media, Marketing, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Recycle Social Media Content

How to Repost Content

Posted by Lizzie Earley Facebook, Instagram

Instagram Ads and Best Practices

Instagram ads are starting to take off. Learn how to set them up and some of the best practices involved.

Posted by Maddie Comer Social Media, Instagram ads, Instagram