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Posted by Matthew Myles on February 27, 2017

How Present Is Your Presence?

Is Live video the next step in your social media marketing strategy?

Topics: Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, Social Media Marketing, Facebook Live, Live Broadcast, Periscope

4 Tips For Your CPG Company's Community Management

These tips will get you started with social media engagement for any consumer packaged goods brand.

Posted by Danielle Stratman Social Media, Marketing, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Social Media Marketing

Psychological Characteristics Behind Different Social Platforms

The key to connecting with audiences across platforms is knowing the right voice for each one.

Posted by Gary Thompson Social Media, Marketing, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

3 Social Media Trends That Can Affect Your Business

Social Media is a wildly popular and influential entity. It is as dynamic as it is impactful so it is important to know what the next big thing is.

Posted by Gary Thompson Social Media, Facebook, Twitter

Using Twitter to find Local Customers

Here are ways to improve your business' visibility and identify local potential leads via Twitter.

Posted by Maddie Comer Social Media, Twitter