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10 Things to Do to Get Business Today


If you ask anyone who knows me, they will tell you about my passion for books. I have a personal library that spans every room in my home. Such a collection can be expensive, but I have found a way to save by shopping thrift stores and used bookstores. A couple of years ago I picked up a book by Jeffrey J. Fox entitled How to become a Rainmaker. The book is filled with advice on getting and keeping customers and clients.

The following is 10 things to do to get business today. These 10 tasks may seem simple. They may seem meaningless. You may feel that you don't have time to do them. But, trust me these 10 actions are vital communication techniques to deepen your relationship with your current customers and leads.


Here it is updated from Fox's 2000 version to account for technological and industry advances. 

10 Things To Do To Get Business Today

1. Send a personal note

2. Like and share an article of interest

3. Speak to a satisfied client and ask for a referral

4. Send a thank-you gift to someone who referred you

5. Distribute your business card to increase your network

6. Guest blog on a blog or social media networks your customer reads

7. Add fifteen people to your marketing database

8. Leave a compelling snap chat or youtube video

9. Make an appointment with a client or prospect

10. Call a client you haven't talked to in two years.

That's it. 10 things to do to get business today. How frequently do you conduct these 10 thing? Well, in order to bring the rain, you should do them as frequently as you can. Daily at best, weekly at the very least.

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Jonathan Reeves

I am an experienced nonprofit professional, skilled in Fundraising, Marketing, and Development. When it comes to advancing your organizations mission and outreach, I go the distance, using every networking tool available to reach the target demographic. When not working for a nonprofit or other business, I use my skills to advance historic and genealogical research for individuals, organizations, and anyone looking to know more about the past.

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