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10 Useful Practices on Facebook & Twitter Your Distillery Should Use



Alcohol marketing.


We’ve come a long a long way from the vintage Heublein Cocktail  & Jim Beam magazine ads.



  • Demographics have changed.
  • Expectations have grown.
  • Platforms are different.



I won’t say no one, but “no one” reads magazines anymore.  (This may not be completely true but you get my point.) The same information is now being pushed over the web. There’s this thing called social media. These channels have hit the highest number of users/viewers ever seen before and they are still growing.




In today’s world, if your business is not online then you are considered irrelevant.  At the least you should have a presence on Facebook & Twitter. Traditional advertising is at an all time low. But I won’t sit here and bash the old ways. There are pros and cons to both.




Alcohol is a huge industry and an important one. Arguably one the most “important “ birthdays that we celebrate here in the U.S. is our 21st birthday. Not because it’s the year after 20. We “turn up” because we can now legally drink. Not to mention we can now get into bars (where we can now drink).


  • When you first turn legal. You don’t know what you like yet.
  • So, how does your brand become their go to drink of choice?
  • How do you separate yourself from other brands?

Social media is the place to do so & I’m sure you already know this.

So, let’s jump right into it! Here are some good practices to help improve your company’s online presence.


1. Do NOT send every post to everyone. (Facebook/Twitter Ads)

 You the targeting tool to bring your message to the correct group. Think of it as you’re a/b testing. You can now


2. Allow Your Fans to Contribute Content (Facebook/Twitter)

 Enable Your Community to Participate Through Crowdsourcing Content and Commentary. There is no better way to market and gain exposure than word of mouth marketing. People are more inclined to share things when you empower them to do so.


3. Vary Your Post Type (Facebook/Twitter)

 Nobody likes doing the same thing everyday. If your posts are always the same, you will quickly bore your fans. Users do not interact the same way with every post. You’ve heard the saying. “There is a time and place for everything.”


4. Pin posts (Facebook)

 If it important, make sure people know that. This will ensure visitors to your Page will see the most important stories on both desktop and mobile.


5. Use insights. (Facebook)

 This is probably one of the most important tools on Facebook for your business. Here is where you can see where your business profile stands and where you can improve. You can see your reach, the number of people your post was served to. Here you also find out the number of time each of your page tabs was viewed. Last but not least you can find out the demographics that are engaging with your profile.


6. Start Conversations (Twitter)

 Asking Questions. Respond to Questions. Yes, it is that simple.


 7. Share Stories Visually with Photos and Videos to Grab Users' Attention (Facebook/Twitter)

 Who wouldn’t want to see these?




 8. Reward Your Audience with Exclusive Content (Facebook/Twitter)

 These are the people who have opted in to hear everything that you have to say. Do not disappoint them because they will quickly opt-out. Give them something they could not have gotten without following your profile.


9. Keep them short and sweet. (Facebook/Twitter)

 No one reads the long stuff. Trust me.





10. Tweet A LOT, tweet, tweet, and tweet some more. (Umm this is Twitter if you didn’t know.)




Do giveaways and contests!

People love FREE things. So more times than none they are willing to trade their information like email or phone number for a chance to win.




Who wouldn’t want to win $10,000?


While you’re creating and distributing your amazing content, let’s not forget that there are guidelines:


Adrian Marcus

I am the Creative Director and I'm fortunate to work on the fun side of the business. Photography, design, social media, tag lines and all, allowing me to play with all sorts of exciting projects, everything a kid could ask for.

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