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3 Inbound Marketing Myths Manufacturers Should Let Go

Myths vs Facts on inbound marketing for manufacturers

Inbound Marketing has become increasingly popular as many buyers and businesses are directing their searches online. Despite the facts and numbers, industrial manuacturing marketers aren't quite sold and continue to express their doubts. 

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Why these doubts? Chances are these marketers are still lving in the past and falling victim to one (if not all) of these Inbound Marketing Myths. 

1. Our Audience Isn't Using Social Media

Many B2B companies still don't see the benefits of having a viable Inbound Marketing strategy. They aren't convinced their customers are on Social Media. Of all social media users, 50% fall between the ages of 35-64. In fact, of B2B marketers:

  • 43% have gained a new customer from Facebook
  • 77% have acquired a customer through Linkedin. 

2. Social Media Can't Help My Company Sell Anything

Businesses can be reluctant to jump into social media because they know it's not always a direct "engage-and-make-the-sale" process. Having this approach almost guarantees that you'll miss the mark with your efforts. Social Media serves a greater purpose than just promoting your company's product or service.


3. We Don't Have Time Or Talent To Blog

To get sales, you need leads. According to our partner Hubspot, companies that blog generate 70% more leads. When asked about problems generating leads, most businesses cited a lack of resources. This is a problem more easily solved than most believe. The easiest and most efficient way to solve it, is to outsource to a third party. These experts can create and execute a unique content strategy that'll help you thrive, often times for less the cost of hiring a full-time employee dedicated to doing the same. 

New Call-to-action

Letting go of these 3 myths is the first step to your company flourishing in this new age of digital media. 

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