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3 Inbound Techniques Every Musician Should Be Using


In theory, it could be argued that the Inbound Marketing Methodology was created specifically for the music industry. Complete strangers get attracted to your music whether it be through a blog, social media posting or referral. From listening to your music, intrigue builds and those strangers become social media followers and now might go and directly search for your interviews and videos. They're impressed, now you've got them. So when they see the iTunes link for your next offering, they click without hesitation. Of course, they love it and tell all of their friends about the great new album they just bought and the process starts all over again. 

Now of course the one (pretty substantial) variable in this, the product. No amount of marketing dollars or effort can ever make up for an inferior product. But with a remarkable product, you can produce remarkable content that'll help grow your brand. 


By definition, the Inbound Marketing Methodology lays out the blueprint for turning complete strangers into your promoters of your brand. As a musician, you just want to share your craft with the world, getting paid for it is just the icing on the cake.  You can use inbound to make sure that icing is the sweetest.  

3 Inbound Techniques Every Musician Should Be Using

Scheduling Newsletters

You can only say so much on social media and there are many other stories to tell. Keep your fans in the loop of it all with an email newsletter lists. So now when that new single or video drops, everyone will be the first to know. Alway take care of those who take care of you, the people on the other side of those emails might love and feel really appreciated if they got early access to tickets for your next show or tour. 

Producing Exclusive Content

Show the people a different side of you that they might not always be able to see through the music. Interviews, in-depth looks at songs, exploring other areas of artistry, the possibilities are endless. By letting fans get a glimpse into some of your more human elements, especially ones they can relate to, good things happen. 


Making a Connection and Nurturing Fans 

With the exclusive content, you started to deepen your connections with fans. Now it's time to take that to the next level and nurture those relationships. Engage with fans on social media, show them that they matter and that you appreciate each individual one. Seeing you show that love and appreciation for others, will only make more people want to become fans of you. 

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