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4 Productivity Hacks You Didn't Know You Needed


Time is the most valuable asset we have, but why do so many undervalue time management? You'd be surprised how many "easy" fixes there are for productivity, it's just a matter of putting them into action.  If it always seems like you're in a race against the clock, this post is for you. 

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While some may tell you to "just do it", we understand that it isn't always that easy. Sometimes it takes a nudge or a new approach to giving you that jolt of motivation you need to get going. Maybe you've tried a few of these, maybe you haven't but either way, it should be a little of what you need to get more done. 

Here are 4 Productivity Hacks You Didn't Know You Needed:

1. Turn Off Alerts

While Fear of Missing Out has many of us scared to put down our phones for even a minute, the thought of disconnecting completely for any amount of time is cause enough for a mini panic attack. But, did you ever stop to think, maybe that constant connectivity is killing your productivity? New emails, mentions, tags and messages coming in every five minutes can have you more focused on your phone and other tabs rather than the task at hand. Put your phone on airplane mode and use web apps like inbox pause to keep emails at bay while you cross some things off that to-do lists. 

2. Have 30-Minute Meetings

I always wonder, when Henry Ford called that first production meeting, did they spend an hour going through letters A-S before deciding at T for the debut Model? Since the dawn of business, an hour has always been the default meeting length time, which I'm sure has wasted days of valuable time over the years. Often times, knowing that an entire hour is allocated, the first 20 minutes of meetings may be spent aimlessly talking sports, office gossip or last night's episode of Better Call Saul. Trim all your meetings down to 30 minutes, 20 if you can, and watch how much more you and your team are able to accomplish in a day's time. 

3. Take A Break, Get Some Sleep

Let social media tell it if you aren't out there grinding 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, then you'll never be successful. Now I'm sure it goes without saying that social media isn't the best place for business advice and although #TeamNoSleep sounds good, it could be more harmful than helpful. Your mind needs rest to perform at it's best. So next time you're thinking about pulling a semi all-nighter, ask yourself, am I really being productive or am I just forcing myself to stay up and do half the work I could do fresh off a night's sleep?

4. The Twenty Minute Rule

If you're like me, then focusing on anything longer than 20-30 minutes is a task within itself. One good way to combat this is with 20 Minute Rule. The twenty minute rule attacks both ends of the spectrum. For tasks that would take two minutes or less i.e. answering an email, text or confirming an appointment, knock them out immediately. Although these are "small" tasks, they can hold a lot of mental weights that'll keep you distracted. For all other, more time-consuming tasks, only spend 20 (no more than 30) minutes on each before transitioning to something else. This will help decrease burnout and keep ideas fresh as your mind is actively working.

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