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3 Social Media Trends That Can Affect Your Business



Social media has rapidly grown to be a major component of marketing and our society as a whole. The platforms are constantly growing and changing and it requires constant monitoring to stay ahead of the curve. Take a look at how some of the largest trends on the horizon could help your business lead your industry.


1 Live Streaming

With the popularity of Periscope exploding immediately upon its introduction, it quickly became clear that live streaming would have an impact on marketing. One of the largest draws of social media is that it has drastically cut down the time people have to wait for information. As a result, live streaming was an inevitable result once the technology was ready. The social media profile of any business could benefit from live streaming whether it's behind the scene looks, exclusive announcements and content, or just humanizing your brand so that consumers create a lasting connection with your business. The success of any digital platform brings imitators and other platforms joining the trend which will only grow the concept and make it harder to ignore in your marketing.

2 Social Commerce

Although it isn't a particularly new concept, social commerce is primed to really gain momentum this year. With Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest making improvements to their shopping ads and mobile shopping becoming easier and easier, social commerce has already grown 60% from last year according to comScore. With social media platforms making steps to grow the concept, your business has no choice but to prepare its marketing as well.

3 Customer Service

Facebook and Twitter have both created avenues for brands to privately interact with consumers who have questions and concerns. Previously, social media was used to save a public face as far as customer complaints were concerned. However, customer expectation is rapidly moving towards having their issues resolved on social media instead of having to go through different channels. This expectation combined with social platforms creating new avenues means that businesses will have to pay a lot more attention to engaging with their audience to be successful online.


Social media is tough to keep up with. If you don't have dedicated professionals running your accounts, it is easy to get left behind on the newest trends. If your marketing could use knowledgeable experts give us a call for a free consultation.

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