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3 Thanksgiving Social Media Marketing Campaigns That Drove Us Wild

Thanksgiving is in TEN DAYS and that means its time to start stocking the pantry, eating until we can eat no more and knocking the socks off our audience with some wild social media marketing campaigns.

So before it’s too late, grab a sweater, your favorite casserole, and a little pumpkin pie and let’s DIG INTO a few wonderfully inspiring social media ad campaigns.

#VisitDontStay- HotelTonight

Social Media Awards: Relatable. Funny. Engaging.


(Image Credit of AdWeek)

HotelTonight created an ad campaign that encouraged its audience to share a personal and relatable relative story for a chance to win $500 and encouraged us to visit instead of staying and book a hotel room instead.

Ingenious, if you ask me. Not only do you have to avoid Uncle Bob’s political rambling, an air mattress on the floor and a line to the bathroom, you can also sleep as long as you want and get a little extra space besides.

The takeaway? Create your holiday social media campaigns around relatable holiday subjects. Relatives, the casseroles that never get eaten or the way your aunt is always pinching your cheeks even though you’ve been out of college for several years.

“Not to be uncaring or anything, but family time should have its limits. Contrary to popular belief—and lots of heart-tugging holiday advertising flooding the market lately—there really is such a thing as too much togetherness.” Says Adweek.

Great job, HotelTonight!

Revisited #ShareaCoke Campaign - Coca-Cola

Social Media Awards: Lighthearted, Engaging, Fun.


Coca-Cola decided to take it’s ‘Share-a-Coke’campaign to new heights with a spin. Now people could use Coke’s personalized cans and bottles as consumable place cards for their Thanksgiving dinner table!

The Takeaway? Creating a great campaign is sometimes as easy as providing your audience with something helpful, funny and unusual that they can use to make their holidays unique and fun.

#MakeTodayMatter - TD Banks

Social Media Awards: Engaging, Creative, Inspiring.

TD Bank decided to do something for Thanksgiving that meant something. The company selected 24 customers in 24 different communities across the US and in Canada and then gave each individual $30,000 to accomplish their particular mission in one day. Each mission was centered around giving back to the community in some way and sparked enormous amounts of gratitude and hope throughout the audience and across the US and Canada

Check it out in the video BELOW:


Stay tuned, because we’re bringing you “Seven Wild Thanksgiving Social Media Marketing Tricks” this Wednesday that you can use to make your own brilliant social media marketing campaigns.

Have some holiday social media marketing inspiration? Or how about a brand that failed? Let us know in the comments!

Keith Kakadia

I am a native of New Orleans, LA with a passion for social media marketing, entrepreneurship, and making new connections. I enjoy the opportunity to work with amazing individuals and brands everyday.

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