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3 Tips Marketers Can Learn From Manufacturing Companies

It’s 2015, education is essential, and what we don't realize, learning opportunities are right at our front door. What a better place to look for educational information, than your own clients?3_Tips_Marketers_can_learn_from

As marketers, we try to help and educate our clients on so many things - social media, SEO, lead generation, and so on.  But, what we’re not realizing is how we can learn valuable lessons from those we teach every day.  

The manufacturing industry is a fast paced environment, and for the most part, is up-to-date on all things “digital” at this point.  There are a variety of social media and overall digital techniques that manufacturing companies can, and do, utilize.  You all have realized the importance of the digital world, however you all teach us, the digital marketers, something new everyday whether we realize it or not.  

The following are 3 essential points the marketing world can learn from the manufacturing world.  Through these are educational for the marketing world, they’re also great ways to reinforce ideas into the manufacturing world.


As a manufacturing company, you are required to test all of your products prior to release.  This ensures that everything works properly and that there are no defects.  

This is something all digital marketers can take a lesson from.  It is important for all industries to test their programs/services prior to releasing them to the public.  

For example, within the marketing world, A/B testing is something that is essential.  Whereas, the manufacturing world needs to manually test their products.

This take away is that testing is a vital point to all business transactions, and we believe this aspect needs more attention.  For all industries it is important to test all transactions prior to running with them!

3_Tips_Marketers_can_learn_from_2As digital marketers, we love social media.  But for the most part, we tend to place our focus on Twitter, Facebook, etc., but what we don’t really focus on much anymore - YOUTUBE! 

Now, this something that is great for manufacturing companies, and is used most often.  It allows a company to successfully demonstrate their products or services.  

What a better way to effectively “virtually meet” your audience.  This works great for marketers, because it allows you to share your webinars and various other video content! 

It works great for you all, the manufacturing companies, because it lets you demonstrate your products to your customers.  The take away lesson from this is that you should always be interactive with your customers, no matter the industry! 


3_Tips_Marketers_can_learn_from_5In the B2B manufacturing world, your sales reps have a strong focus on establishing rapport with your customers.  Which is something that all industries can take away from - delighting the audience.  

This is an aspect of inbound marketing, just in a different form.  How you all as manufacturers make it a point to go out and delight your clients, just in a bigger way than digitally.  Which is what we as digital B2B marketers could take a lesson from.  

Instead of placing focus on brand awareness and thought leadership, as marketers lets come together and focus more on interacting with the audience and taking the time to understand them! 

Okay, so these 3 ways each industry can learn from one another can help improve the digital marketing world.  However, it is essential for the manufacturing companies to participate in each of these as well.  Throughout the industry we see a rise in manufacturing companies who implement these aspects in great deal.  They are part of their day-to-day routine, and help keep their business afloat; but they’re also in need of superb attention.  

Each of these can help each respective industry grow.  Also, each of these allow both digital marketers and manufacturing companies rise above the rest, and increase ROI and brand loyalty.

Thank you for taking the time to read 3 Tips Marketers Can Learn From Manufacturing Companies.  We hope you enjoyed this post, and be sure to share it on social networks.  For more blog post regarding manufacturing companies, check out Sociallyin; We have tons of great content for your industry! 

Cheers!New Call-to-action

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