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3 Ways Facebook Can Help Your Inbound Tactics

What do you think of when you hear the word Facebook? Your mom? Grandma? Great Aunt, you’ve only met twice, but likes all of your post? 

Yeah, well, same here.  

Facebook has a haunted name of annoying relatives and strong opinions.  

However, a business owner can truly benefit from establishing a strong facebook presence.  

facebookIn order to successfully implement Inbound marketing into your Facebook game plan, you need to establish what you’re looking for in terms of ROI.

The following are a few simple steps that will assist you in establishing the right Facebook campaign for your brand.

1. Funnel Them

Your audience is the most important aspect of Inbound.  Also, their extremely important for your Facebook endeavors as well.  

You need to create ads that are going to target each of your buyer personas.

When you’re creating Facebook ads, you are able to select your target audience - hence why this is such a big deal.  You literally get to select who your advertisement goes out to!  Talk about putting Inbound into your game plan, Facebook is the way to go!

2. Create Content For Them

When you’re trying to gain leads and please your audience, it’s important to create free downloads (content) made specifically for them! 

When you create great content, your audience will (or should be) pleased! Give them ebooks, videos, webinars, and a variety of other things to meet their eye.  The more leads you get through Facebook ads, then chances are, your ROI will increase - which is good for everyone! The audience is receiving great content and you are gaining leads!

3. Keep Up With Them

Okay, so you know to funnel them, and create great content for them - but do you know to follow up with them?

Once a lead has downloaded your content, the ball is in their hands - or so they think.  

This is where you come in though, in order for the audience to receive the download - they had to input an email address.  Use that address and send them follow-up emails asking if they liked the content, etc.  

Show them that you’re interested in THEM! Be personable, and try to relate to them.  

Each of these are vital to conducting inbound via Facebook.  Utilize the tools Facebook offers and reach out to your target audience.  Allow them to be offered content to meet their needs, and if everything goes as planned - follow up with them to show you care.  

Thanks for reading my blog.  I hope you have a better understanding as to how Facebook can help your inbound tactics.  Be sure to follow Sociallyin’s blog for more inbound marketing content!


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