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4 Tips For Your CPG Company's Community Management

In the highly competitive market of consumer packaged goods, it’s important to really appeal to potential customers.  With social media being such an integral part of most peoples’ lives, it can often serve as the ideal platform to reach these potential customers.  That doesn’t mean reaching them on social media is easy, though.  Any community management for any company or brand takes a lot of trial and error and patience.  Without these and other elements, your community management can easily fall flat. 

Here are four tips to get you started on the right path to having engaging and approachable community management that potential customers will actually want to interact with.

  1. Find the right voice for your brand. When doing community management, a stiff and formal voice is only going to be off-putting to the people you’re interacting with. In the case of community management, it’s often okay to take a slightly more casual and conversational tone than you might utilize on your website or in social media posts.  It’s important to remember that you’re talking to real people.  If you sound like a robot or their 70-year-old great uncle, they’re simply not going to care.  Any time you’re doing something with community management, it’s helpful to take a second and consider, “What would I think if a company replied or commented this to me?”  If you wouldn’t be interested by it, chances are that other people might not be either.

  2. Experiment with different searches. Finding the right keywords, hashtags, and accounts to search for and engage with is challenging.  It takes time and patience, and even then, it’s not always going to yield the right posts and accounts for your brand to interact with.  Even if you do happen to find the perfect search terms or a great hashtag, factors are always changing, and next week that same one might not have anything that you’re looking for.  This is where research, understanding who your brand’s ideal customer is, and great tools all play a key role in your success.  You have to be willing to put in quite a bit of time and creativity to find the right conversations, posts, and accounts to engage with.

  3. Try different forms of media. Simple text engagements can be great a lot of the time, but the more you try out different mediums for your community management, the better feel you’ll be able to get for what appeals to people the most.  Different things like gifs, emojis, and images can be great additions to a text-based engagement, but don’t be afraid to abandon the text altogether.  Depending on the reply or comment and the idea you’re trying to get across, simply engaging with a video or photo might be something worth trying.  Even if something you try doesn’t work out, you’ve learned.  The more forms of media you experiment with in your community management, the more you’ll know which ones are the most effective for your brand.

  4. Appeal to what the people want. This is where community management practices for a CPG company really differ from practices for other types of companies.  Consumer packaged goods often fall into highly desirable categories of items.  People are constantly making social media posts about the coffee, dessert, shoes, clothes, etc. that they want.  Find these people, show them what they’re missing in a fun and engaging way, and they’ll be a lot more likely to take interest in the CPGs that your company offers.  If you can really appeal to the consumer in your community management and show them why your company’s is the next brand of that item that they should seek out, your engagement will be more successful.

These four tips will set you on the path for more thoughtful and effective community management.  They’ll serve as a good basis to expand upon and find what is right for your own brand or company. 




Lizzie Williamson

Social Media Enthusiast | Dog Lover | Coffee Connoisseur | Louisiana, USA

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