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4 Tips To Avoid Social Media Burnout


With all the constant noise and hustle and bustle going on with social media, it can be easy to burn yourself out trying to keep up with it all.  It's all about the strategy, knowing what to post, when to post but most importantly who you're posting for. 

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Keep in mind these 4 tips to avoid social media burnout. 

1. Research

This may be the most important tip I could give you. All too often marketers just jump into social media disregarding that there's a science to success on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. Who are you doing it for? Where do they post? When do they post? How/how much do they engage? What interests them? All this matters. Review the data that's readily available at your fingertips. It'll tell you just about everything you need to know.  

2. Plan

Don't go into this blind. Establish the goals you would like to accomplish through your social media efforts and formalize a plan that'll help you do just that. It's a must that you have a strategy or you'll end up making some critical social media mistakes

3. Have Reinforcements Ready

If you know you're going to be away for a little while, or even if you don't know, have a few post scheduled so that your profiles don't lack. Third party sources such as Buffer can keep you afloat but only as well, a buffer. Sites as such are good for filler posting, but you can't count on them for engagement. Always leave yourself a little wiggle room for the unexpected.  

4. Bring the Heavy Artillery

If you put forth half ass efforts, then your results will be just that. If social media isn't your thing but you know it's necessary to the growth of your brand, then bring in someone to get the job done. There's nothing wrong with outsourcing these efforts to a social media management company. Actually, it shows that you're pretty smart and you grasp the value within using your resources. Plus, there are a few benefits of hiring the pros to do it for you.  

Need some help with your strategy? Or maybe you know that it's time to bring in the backup. Let us help you get the most from your social media efforts. 


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