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4 Ways to Revamp Your Social Media Plan

Need help switching up your current Social Media Plan for 2015? We're here to help! Below we have listed 4 ways that will help you create the ultimate social media plan for the new year.  4_Ways_to_Revamp_Your Social_MediaPlan

Sometimes you want to create a new environment; sometimes you just want to re-evaluate your current strategy.  Either way, we're here to guide you in the revamping of your current social media plan.  The following are 4 ways to help you get on your way to a new social media plan.

1. Don't mimic other brands, stay true to your values.

When considering your social media tactics, don't stress over what your competitor is doing; stay true to yourself! Stick to your mission, express what you believe in and don’t stray from your initial values. Allow your customers to see what you stand for, and let them see what you’re there to provide them with; rather than trying to copy catchy content other brands put out, stay unique!

2. Build your community, highlight your customers contributions.

Interacting with your customers via social media is all about building up your brand community.  By interacting, you’re establishing long lasting connections and inviting your customers to be part of your brand “family”.  When customers reach out to you, then you have succeeded in connecting with them either by your tremendous products/services or by reaching out to them first. So, when they share pictures or make a post of how they’re satisfied, commend them! Share their pictures, and continue to interact with them.  Also, don’t forget to thank them for sharing their love for your products/services.

3. Strive to inspire, rather than promoting.

Rather than always focusing on your products, focus on inspiring your customers too. Share emotional content with them about your brand, and how it inspires others.  Give them something to believe in, let them see that there is more to your brand than meets the eye.  Offer them the chance to have a sense of pride in your company, and allow them to see all that you’re capable of.

4. Focus on creating compelling headlines, not content.

Focusing on content can be stressful, yet necessary.  However, learn to focus on your headlines in this upcoming year. By doing so, you are grabbing the attention of your customers.  Once they see an awesome and compelling headline, they’re more likely to click on the article and read from there on out.  Through the process of elimination, you’re sure to find the right headline that will keep the customers coming back for more. 

As you can see, we're here to help you create a new social media plan for 2015.  With these tips, you can prosper in the new year and remain at the top of your game! Don't forget to check us out for more helpful social media blog post at

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