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5 Critical Social Media Mistakes That Will Hurt Your Brand


Are you frustrated with your social media pages ? Do you constantly feel like you aren’t getting the results you expect from campaigns? Are you not getting the likes and retweets you think you should? Are you ready to quit?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are you’re missing the mark with your social media efforts and you could use a little help. We hear your cries and we’ve got your back. Here’s a list of the most common critical social media mistakes businesses are making as well as a few tips and best practices that can help you see some immediate results.

Mass Follow Spree

This one happens all too often, a brand will get on Twitter and they think the way to get followers is by following a ton of people with the assumption that they will follow back when in actuality that’s not the case, unless of course you have an already established brand or reputable co-sign. When trying to attract new followers and gain awareness for your brand, image really matters. Following 500 people with only 98 followers will cause you to lose validity among a lot of consumers and for a brand in it’s early stages, that can leave you dead in the water and your feet are barely even wet.

Auto and Scheduled Posting

First off, let’s be clear, scheduling posts and having website posts automatically post to social media is NOT social media management. This is actually one of the biggest mistakes that you can make as a social media manager. Scheduling and auto postings take the personality out of your social media profiles which millennials will notice and can lead to future posts being overlooked. Although auto-posting is convenient, saving those few minutes can prove to be harmful to your brand. When you auto-post, it creates static messages across all platforms, which is definitely a social media foul. Scheduled posting isn’t all bad, depending on what it is. For example, scheduling an uplifting or motivational morning message is a great idea, scheduling a sales pitch to post every 4 hours on the other hand, is not. Only few things can hurt your brand more than having a post screaming “Buy My New” whatever moments after a catastrophic event or tragedy.

Figure out who your audience is. Don’t blind post.


A common question we get is “How can I get more likes/shares/retweets?” To which we respond with, “Who do you want to read your post?” Its all too common for business owners to get on social media simply because someone told them it was the “thing to do.” And when this happens you have businesses blindly shooting off posts  with no idea who they even want to be reading it. And when you don’t know who you want to read, its hard to create content that they will want to share, because you don’t who they is.  The first step in in creating more sharable content is to determine who the content is being created for. This can be done by developing buyer personas. Use the buyer personas to segment your targeted audience and begin creating content that would be appealing to each segment. After you figure out who you’re talking to, then it becomes increasingly easier figuring out what to say to them. 

How to Create Buyer Persona CTA

Realize how they interact on each platform.

Facebook habits are different from Twitter habits are different from Instagram habits are different from LinkedIn habits. For example, Twitter is all about quick interactions and conversations. Posts should be around 115-120 characters and remember to use relevant #s that apply to the topic at hand. Your approach for Facebook, on the other hand, would be a little different. Here you want to keep posts under 250 characters and ask questions to engage your audience. Realize that the key to all posting is to engage your audience so posts should be worded in such a way that your target can easily relate.


Horrible Graphics and Visuals

One sure fire way to have your posts scrolled over is by having lackluster graphics. Remarkable visuals can increase your reach and click through rate getting more eyes on what you have to offer. We know that for some, design can be a serious headache. There are many resources that can improve your graphics that can be utilized online for free. Check out our post with 5 Free Online Resources to help beef up your creativity.



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And remember, if you found this article helpful then share it with your following! You never know who else could benefit from this same information and how appreciative they may be to you for providing it.


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