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5 Free Iphone Apps To Enhance Your photo-based Content

The app store is saturated with apps to edit photos. Diving right in may seem a bit overwhelming, so  to help narrow down your search, I’ve compiled a list of the most useful mobile photography apps, as well as how I incorporate them into my own creative process.


#1.  VSCO

This app will likely be found at or very near the top of every mobile photographer’s arsenal.  Visual Supply Company’s widely successful app collectivizes the creative wit of photographers around the world, and presents them in a streamlined, feed format.  Useful not only for inspiration, VSCO provides an array of free filters (presets) that emulate film cameras, and give photos a unique, rustic feel. 

Before                                |                                           After


                                              Edited with VSCO Preset A6


While VSCO does supply a number of presets free of charge, more can be purchased via In App Purchases, and they may prove worth your time.  VSCO is one of many ways to add more depth to your subjects and enhance your mobile aesthetic.


#2  OVER


Adding text to photos is a fun way to tell stories with your content.  With a diverse set of free fonts, OVER stands apart from most apps of its kind due to its user friendly interface and built-in tool set.  Finding creative ways to incorporate text into your creative process opens up an entirely new dimension of creativity.




Taking the time to think outside of the box when experimenting with text posts can be extremely rewarding by further encouraging audiences to interact with content.



Combining photos into a collage is a very common function of many apps, but Moldiv has been my personal favorite way to combine photos.  Moldiv comes prepackaged with a wide range of frame sizes and shapes.




Combining photos allows for a new dynamic when coordinating colors, shapes, and objects.  Keeping your eyes and mind open to the ways photos can be juxtaposed will help in the process of diversifying your photo content.




A free app by Google, Snapseed is a diverse tool that has a lot in common with other app store editors, but with one powerful tool sets it apart in my books.  Snapseed’s “Healing Brush” tool is incredibly useful for cleaning up dirty backgrounds and removing blemishes from portraits.


Before                                 |                                    After 


[example removal of clouds]


Snapseed also has useful built in functions such as an HDR filter, selective adjustments, and a very high quality vignette tool.  While Snapseed has a number of incredible features, some of its filters can be slightly overpowering, and learning to adjust the functions of the app to your taste can be rewarding.





Afterlight shares many key functions with the apps previously listed, but has a few unique selling points that can make it a worthwhile addition to your toolkit.  Most notably the "Afterlight" sports a unique set of frames for photos that allow you to be more creative with shapes and styles




Afterlight has all the tools available to help create a modern, creative atmosphere with your content. From frames to filters, this app has many different uses that will make it worth your time to explore.


All of the apps listed above have very intuitive, sleek user interfaces, making them easy to understand and navigate.  To top it off, all of them are also completely free, and definitely worth your time to experiment with.  Keeping your creative options open is key to developing a great creative process for your photographic content, and therefore encouraging audience interaction.


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