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5 Keys to Killer Inbound Marketing


5 Keys to Killer Inbound MarketingKeys
Done right, inbound marketing is rocket fuel for your revenue and the most effective way to turn strangers into customers. The ROI is spectacular, and the content you build lives on like trees planted in a forest (trees that don't get cut down by greedy developers that is).
Here are five keys to effective inbound marketing that shape the way we do things at Hüify. I'll keep them brief and try to be entertaining (there are two key lessons for blogging thrown in for free there).
1. Do your research
A strong inbound strategy always starts with developing accurate buyer personas. These are semi-fictional representations of your ideal customers, and by building them out with care and deliberation, you're giving yourself the best chance of future success.
It's upon these buyer personas that your entire inbound strategy is founded, so it really couldn't be more important to get as granular as possible. Personalization is key to making the buyer's journey one that ends in a sale.
2. Optimize, optimize, optimize
What use is great content drawing visitors to your site if you don't have the infrastructure to capture them when they arrive?
Optimized website pages are key, with Calls-to-Action in the right places, smart navigation and a user experience that does the best possible job of converting visitors into leads.
3. Build great content
"If you build it, they will come," so said the baseball guy in Field of Dreams. What he failed to add was that you need to be build something great, or they'll come, complain a lot, and you'll never see them again.
So build something remarkable. Build content that answers the questions your potential buyers are asking online, and serves to make them feel better and more informed about the world.
4. Create great offers
Offers are your golden tickets to leads. Make offers appeal to your buyer personas in the strongest way possible, and you're halfway to turning a stranger into a lead you can nurture all the way to a sale.
Offers should apply to the stage in the buyer's journey your customers are at, and they should ALWAYS deliver on what's promised.
5. Delight your customers
The buyer's journey doesn't end with a sale, and the sales funnel shouldn't tip out at that point either.
Delight your customers with great service at every turn, and you'll see them turned into promoters and evangelists for your brand. That's when your customers can start doing the marketing for you!
Hüify is a top-5 ranked Hubspot marketing agency based in Wilmington NC. Click here for a free consultation with one of our inbound marketing experts.

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