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4 Marketing Lessons Learned From Big Sean's Dark Sky Paradise


G.O.O.D. Music golden child and Kanye West protege, Big Sean, recently released his 3rd full-length studio album Dark Sky ParadiseHaving listened to the album well over 100 times since its release earlier this year, I can tell he put his all into this album and wants to influence the masses to become better people. But what I also see are few ways that this offering can make you a better marketer, let's take a deeper look at the Detroit rapper's latest project.

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Music has a heavy influence on culture, which fuels marketing, so it's no surprise that music also plays a role in marketing. As you experience more in life, the lessons learned translate more than you know and end up applying If you haven't heard the album you can take a listen here.  

Check out these 4 Marketing Lessons Learned from Big Sean's Dark Sky Paradise.

1. Speak From The Heart

Life is a feeling process. People can tell when you aren't being genuine with them. They can feel your bullshit and they'll treat it as such. Although what you say does hold some weight, it's all about how you make them feel. 

2. You Win Some, You Lose Some

You won't knock it out of the park every day. Hell, some days you may even strike out. But just remember that it's all apart of the game. Just stick to your strategy and stay the course. 

3. Be Relentless

Wake up everyday like you're on a mission. There's a well known Will Smith quote about work ethic where he states that you'll never outwork him. You may be more talented and better skilled, but you'll never outwork him. That's the attitude you need to be successful. You've got to get up every morning on a mission to be and do better than you did the day before. Want it more than you want to breath.

4. Stay True To Yourself

In now his 3rd studio album, Sean has always stayed true to his style and demeanor. This goes just the same for business. To piggyback from my first point, people can see your bullshit and trying to present yourself as something you aren't is just that. Be who you are and true to yourself, your true audience will always appreciate it.

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