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5 Productivity Hacks For Those Working Remotely


Do you have problems with being productive during the day? This is something I deal with constantly, especially while working from home.  If you’re like me, then the constant distractions are probably familiar.  Dogs barking, washing machine going, constantly finding various chores to do around the house; sound familiar? Well, if so, this is the blog for you! I have discovered some great productivity hacks for the easily distracted!


So, let’s get to it. It is vital for anyone working from home to stay disciplined and on track with all assignments!  The following are 5 of the best hacks I’ve come across while working remotely.

  1.     Meditate

Everyone needs time to clear their mind.  If you work at home, chances are you’re one of the many.  Sometimes being the only person around, your thoughts can cloud your mind, which will in turn cloud your productivity.  By meditating, you are relieving stress that sits on your mind and body, the stress that causes you to have productivity issues will now be gone allowing you to focus on needed task.

  1.     Hard stuff always goes first

It can be easy to do the small things first, get the easy stuff out of the way – however, this always isn’t the best idea.  A lot of times, it is more beneficial to complete the hardest task first, allowing your timespan to go by faster.  Chances are, you’re mind is clearer and open to productivity.

  1.     Exercise

When working from home, chances are your motivation to stay fit are slim to none.  However, this is something that needs to change.  Not only is exercise good for your body, it’s also good for your mind.  It allows you to clear your mind, much like meditation. 

  1.     One Thing At a Time

It’s über important to not overload yourself.  Take one task on a time, and if something is too hard or you just can’t do it, try to delegate it! It’s important to keep things in order and separated; don’t overwork yourself.  Stay on top of the projects at hand, and plan accordingly.  Which leads me to the final hack, planning.

  1.     Plan, Plan, Plan!

Planning is one of the most important aspects of working from home to increase your productivity.  It’s important to stay organized and plan out your day.  All of the above hacks can be easily planned into your day ready for you to complete.  Therefore, you are one step closer to great productivity rates.

Overall, I hope these 5 productivity hacks will help you increase your productivity.  Working from home isn’t always distracting, but when it is, it is important for you to have a routine.  Each of these hacks become vital to your well-being, and mental capacity.  It is important to understand your capabilities, and how to manage them effectively. 

Now, let’s get out of that rut and start become a picture perfect example of productivity!

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