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5 Questions to Ask Before Posting to Facebook


We know that there's a science for success on Twitter but what about Facebook? There's arguably a completely different demographic with just as different usage habits so your strategy will definitely need some tweaking (that's the nice way of saying don't think the same approach from Twitter will work for Facebook).

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New Call-to-action

Just being on Facebook isn't merely enough. Without a strategy, your efforts will be futile. 

Ask yourself these 5 Questions Before posting to Facebook:

1. Is the Text too long?

Unlike what you may be used to on Twitter, there aren't any 140 character limitations on Facebook postings. This doesn't mean you should get carried away though. According to Fastcompany, post that are under 80 characters in length receive 66% higher engagement compared to 48% for lengthier postings. 

2. Is this interesting in any way to anyone?

No, really? Would your audience (or anyone for that matter) find this post to be provocative, entertaining or surprising? If you have to dwell on this one for too long, chances are you need to revamp your post. 

3. Is the photo striking and high quality? 

You already know the harm that horrible graphics can bring. Let's not keep making the same mistakes. 


4. Is the Call-To-Action in the right place? 

Calls-To-Action can be inserted one of two ways: either via a link within in the post or through built-in " learn more" "shop" and "Like page" buttons. If using a link, you want to be sure that the post flows and there is a clear call to action right before the link. You also want to make sure to not have any other links within the post that could confuse your audience. 



5. Are We Asking Too Much of the Consumer? 

Yes, getting your audience to take some type of action is the end goal in most cases but exactly how much action are we asking them to take? It's ok to ask that they say, download an app. What's not okay is asking that they go to your website to fill out a form to be sent an email with the link they would then have to download from their phones. Sounds like a lot of hassle right? It is. 

How to Attract Customers on Facebook CTA

Keeping these 5 Questions in mind before posting to Facebook can help you see far better results and gain some social media success.

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