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5 Questions To Ask Before Posting To Twitter


There's a science to being successful with this whole social media thing and it takes a lot more than coupons and cat pictures.  

Without a social strategy, you can find yourself making critical mistakes that can be extremely detrimental to your brand.

Check out these additional resources that can help guide your way to social media success: 

When it comes to creating content for Twitter or any platform really, it's a must that you keep your audience in mind. Not knowing who you intend to read your content can be a one-way trip to irrelevancy. 

Here are 5 Questions you should always ask yourself before sending out that tweet to the masses. 

1. Is It To the Point?

In a 140 character world, your approach is everything. You've got to be precise and straight to the point. Get in, say what you have to say, get out. 

2. Is the Hashtag unique and memorable?


With so many conversations happening on Twitter, your brand can easily get lost in the noise. Use distinct hashtags

 that are unique and relevant to your brand to ensure that you get included in all the right convos. 



3. Is the image attached high quality?

Horrible graphics can be the quickest way to being ignored or worse, losing your following. Here's a little help to take your graphics to the next level.

4. Are you being Authentic?

If we've learned nothing from recently suspended NBC anchor Brian Williams, it's the importance of always keeping it real with those who look to you for information. Let the Twitter detectives find out you're providing false information, it'll get ugly. 

5. Will it resonate with your audience?

This one might be a little harder to answer than the others but if you have your Buyer Personas handy then it shouldn't be that difficult. When you know your audience interests, likes and dislikes, creating content that will stick with them will be easier than you think. 

Keeping these 5 questions in mind before posting to Twitter will lead to increased engagement and a happy following. 

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