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5 Reasons Inbound Marketing is Perfect For Higher Learning


If you work in enrollment, alumni relations or any form of development in higher education, there's one common denominator. You want someone to take action. It may be gaining students, getting alumni to fund improvements or getting parents to schedule that campus visit. Either way, needing your audience to make moves is always top of mind. 

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A great Inbound campaign has remarkable content. That content can come in the form of : micro-sites, ebooks, emails, checklists, newsletters, infographics, etc. But why should higher education marketers consider an Inbound strategy? 

Here are 5 Reasons Inbound Marketing is Perfect for Higher Learning: 

1. Your Audiences Are Digital Natives

When this generation has a question, their first thought is to Google it. They spend countless hours on the internet every year. This means you have constant opportunities to offer content at the exact time they’re looking for it. 

2. Your Audience Has Obvious Needs

Unlike other industries where it might take much digging and research to find out what exactly your audience wants, it's almost the complete opposite for Higher Education. When high school seniors or undergrads interested in grad school start exploring their options, the same thought is in mind, what's next? Alumni want to feel good about their Alma Mater and faculty want to feel good about where they work. With such clear needs, creating content to meet them could be dare I say.. easy. 

3. Institutions Already Produce High Volumes of Content 

Colleges and Universities are already putting out tons of content but it's all about where that content is positioned and distributed that determines it's effectiveness.

4. There Are So Many Stories To Tell 

An institution that's constantly evolving will always have stories to tell. Whether it be growth, events, general news or maybe just some advice to offer. There's always something going on. 

5. Inbound Marketing Is Green and Cost Effective

There's been a surge in eco-friendly behavior over the last couple of years and I'd definitely suggest that higher education hop on it. Whether you're producing in-house or outsourcing, digital content requires no paper trail, it's extremely cost efficient and easily sharable amongst the masses. 

Inbound Marketing For Higher Education

It's easy to see that Inbound is a perfect fit for higher education but if you need a little more convincing, let's talk about it. 

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