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5 Simple Steps to Lead Nurturing Success

Gauge to Lead SuccessLead Nurturing is about keeping conversations going over time, building relationships, and allowing the creation of interest in products and/or services. All done with the goal of bringing the leads to sales-ready status.

It is about cultivating and maintaining mind share, building and sustaining interest in what you have to offer, and developing trusted relationships with those who could possibly be your next customer. Lead nurturing is exceptionally effective in articulating your value proposition. 

So what are the simple steps to lead nurturing success?

5 Easy Steps of Lead Nurturing 

 Step 1: Thank the Lead for Downloading Your Content 

Your visitor clicked on your content and converted to a lead. Yippee! Now you get to call them and make a sale? Nope, put the brakes on and slow down a bit. Your first step should be to thank them for downloading your content. 

Step 2: Offer the Lead more Free Content 

You said thank you, so now you can make the sales offer? Nope. You need to qualify this lead. Just because they sampled your pie doesn't mean they like the taste. Offer another piece and if they consumes it don't forget Step 1.

 Step 3: Call the Lead 

Ok, the lead has chowed down on multiple pieces of content. Now is he ready? No. You want to double qualify the lead. At this stage you want to go a step closer in the nurtureing process by making verbal communication. Call the lead, find out all you can about them. Is your product or services exactly what they need?

Step 4: Convert the Lead  

 Your yenta was right and your lead is perfect for your company. So now you can make the sales call? Absolutely! By this point your nurturing has paid off and the call is not cold. It's not even luke warm. The relationship that you have developed with your lead is now strong.

Step 5: Maintain the Relationship 

 I've got the sale, so now I'm done? Nope. You want to maintain your relationship with your new customer. You want to keep getting to know them and you want them to keep getting to know you. You need your relationship to be so strong that your former lead is one of your strongest sales generator. As an evangelist for your company, your lead nurtured customer will help attract new leads and future customers. 


It is that simple. Lead Nurturing shouldn't be hard and if you have a clearly defined buyer persona, it should be even more simpler. For help with buyer personas, check out our eBook Creating Buyer Personas for Your Buisness.
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Jonathan Reeves

I am an experienced nonprofit professional, skilled in Fundraising, Marketing, and Development. When it comes to advancing your organizations mission and outreach, I go the distance, using every networking tool available to reach the target demographic. When not working for a nonprofit or other business, I use my skills to advance historic and genealogical research for individuals, organizations, and anyone looking to know more about the past.

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