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7 Tips For Social Media Managers


One of the most important tasks to manage social media accounts is to stay organized.  This can also be one of the biggest challenges for social media managers.  While trying to stay up to date with social media updates and trends, how do social media managers also keep their accounts in line?  Follow these tips.

1. Content Calendar

Before the month starts, plan out every post.  For every single social media account you manage, write down what you will be posting so there is never any confusion.  


2. Schedule Content Ahead of Time

Schedule some messages in bulk.  This will free up some of your time so you are not always worrying that you did not post something at the time that would have been the most beneficial for the brand.  Scheduling ahead of time can make sure you stay timely.

3. Create a To Do List

One of the easiest ways to stay organized is to simply write a to-do list. Every morning start your day by writing down your tasks for the day and prioritizing them by what needs to be accomplished first. 

4. Be on the lookout for relevant content

Know where to look for content that you can post for a page you manage. Finding relevant content that your audience will enjoy without spending hours searching the Internet will make you more productive. 

5. Social Content Folder

Start a folder that you can put all of your content for the upcoming months. Having these folders and labeling your content with the dates you are going to post them will certainly reduce stress. 


Canva is a blessing.  You can use Canva to create multiple images, regardless of complexity. 

7.Set a Time Limit for Tasks

This is one of the most important aspects of staying organized as a social media manager. Time Management.  Setting a time limit helps you to be efficient with the time you do have. 


These 7 tips for staying organized will help you become a better social media manager. 

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