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7 Twitter Tips any Business can Use

Interested in Twitter tips to boost your business's social media? If so, then continue to read on and discover how to utilize Twitter for your business. 


Twitter is a social media platform that any business can use in its marketing plan. Twitter allows for a variety of forms of communication including text, links, pictures, and videos. Implement a variety of tweets and follow the tips listed to get started in boosting your Twitter.

1. Listen & Learn

Stay up to date with what is happening in your industry, as well as what customers are interested in. By using Twitter search, you can read relevant conversations and contribute where you can add value.

2. Drive Awareness

Using Twitter to regularly communicate with your followers allows for increasing the impact of your marketing. You can extend your reach even further by implementing Twitter ads in your digital marketing plan.

3. Provide Customer Service

Twitter is one method that provides a quick way to reply to customer service issues. Using Twitter to quickly and easily respond to support queries, which results in a good reputation for your business and strong relationships with customers. 

4. Connect with Influences

Twitter allows users to be able to interact with anyone. Take advantage of this opportunity by joining or even starting discussions with influencers and industry experts to raise the profile of your business and build valuable connections.

5. Use the 80/20 Principle

The 80/20 principle refers to the suggestion that about 80% of your tweets should focus on driving interactions with your followers, such as retweets, replies, and favorites. After you've built some rapport, the other 20% should be direct offers or promotions that get followers to take actions, such as clicking on a link or making a purchase from your website.

6. Let Your Personality Shine

Strive for an online communication style that is approachable and friendly without being overly formal. Humor and wit can help provide entertainment. Do not let a formal strategy overshadow your unique voice.

7. Test & Learn

Keep in mind that there is not a right or wrong number of times a day one should tweet or even when. Instead, focus on generating quality content and establishing a regular cadence so followers know when to expect updates from you.

Check out these additional resources that'll help you get the most from your efforts:

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Keep these tips in mind and you will be a Twitter professional in no time!

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Olivia Chatham

At SociallyIn Olivia works with the social media department as a social media manager. She also creates various content such as blogs, eBooks, and infographics. Outside of SociallyIn, you can find her listening to music, online shopping, or watching cooking shows.

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