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7 Ways To Improve Your Pinterest Marketing


1. Know your audience.

Who are you pinning for? What type of pins would they be interested in? Take a moment to think about your customers and then make your boards geared toward them.

2. Create more than one board

Creating more than one board makes it easier for pinners to look through your Pinterest page if they’re looking for one specific thing.  For example, if you only have one board and a customer is looking for a certain product they may get frustrated looking through every single pin you’ve ever posted.  Break your boards up.

3. Design quality pins

Why does it matter that you create quality pins? The hope for a good Pinterest is to drive traffic to your website.  When people are interested they will click and hopefully many people click to your website to see the amazing content you are putting out there.

4. Add Humor

Add a little spice into your boards with a board full of laughs.  This gives your followers a little insight on your personality. Who doesn’t like a good laugh when they’re scrolling through Pinterest? It gives a good break from your product boards.

5. ALWAYS check the links

I’m at fault in this a huge percentage of the time.  You look at a pin and think “That’s a good idea. I should pin that for later.” You don’t check to see if the link works. With your business’ Pinterest page, your followers are depending on the links to work. 

6. Edit Pin Description

When you pin, edit the description to make your own. It’s so easy to click on a pin and just pin it to your boards but you want to make it uniform with your brand. If anything, at least read the description to make sure it has to do with what you’re trying to say and the picture

7. Pin Helpful Information      

Pinners want to find answers to their problems. Is your brand helping them? Pin things that compliment whatever your product is.  For example, Mike’s Hard Lemonade has a board dedicated to Halloween Recipes. These recipes aren’t just regular recipes. All of the recipes include the lemonade as one of the ingredients.  


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