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9 Ways To Handle Customer Complaints


Customers take more to social media to post their complaints. How can you help keep a good reputation for your brand? Follow these 9 easy steps. 

1. Respond quickly. 

Don't keep an angry customer waiting. That will only fuel their fire. Respond that you are looking into it within an hour. 

2. Own up to your mistakes

If your company messed up, let your customer know that you are aware. Remind them that you are human.


This is a perfect example of owning up to your mistake and attempting to make it right. 

3. Get offline

Take your conversation out of the public eye like Dominoe's did. 


4. Personalize Your Response

Include their name, the situation, and let the customer know how you plan to fix the issue. 

5. Don't Take it Personally. 

More than likely the customer isn't mad at you, they're mad at the situation they are in. 

6. Have a Plan

Having an escalation plan for your employees will help them to know who to contact in the case of a complaint. 

7. Follow Up!

After you have taken the conversation offline and attempted to fix the situation, follow up in the next couple of days in the public. 

8. Don't delete negative comments. 

Deleting the comments won't fix the problem and in some cases will make customers even more angry. If you have commented to fix the problem and customers are posting negative comments you may want to refer to your social media policy on deleting comments. 

9. Monitor conversations about your brand. 

Customers might not be tagging you their tweets. Use google alerts to watch your reputation. 

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