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A Good Example of a Buyer Persona


Knowing your customer thoroughly is a crucial component of any successful business. Knowing your customer starts with developing a clear buyer persona.  Don't think you need to? Check out the links to find out why they are so important.


Many businesses understand the purpose, but don't really know what a good buyer persona looks like. Well look no further! Here's a good example of a buyer persona for a hybrid car dealership:




Don't be afraid to get specific!

Buyer personas are semi-fictional representations of your target customers, but that doesn't mean details aren't important! Here's another example of a very specific buyers persona that covers 5 key details we can learn about the buyer:

The buyer persona we’ll be exploring is Emily, a 34-year-old professional living in a big city. Emily is a successful businesswoman, working in the finance industry, earning a good salary. Her typical day consists of working long hours and enjoying the city’s nightlife with her friends. In her free time, Emily likes to invest in self-improvement, whether it’s learning a new skill or taking part in fitness classes. Emily is confident and knows what she wants, but she also expects a high level of customer service from businesses.

So, what can we learn from Emily’s buyer persona?

1. Importance of Personalization - Emily is a busy professional, who expects businesses to understand her unique needs and preferences. Therefore, personalization is crucial in reaching out to her. Businesses need to offer tailored solutions based on her preferences and needs.

2. Incentives and Value - For Emily, time is money. Therefore, businesses must offer incentives and provide value for her time. She seeks high-quality products and services that can save her time or benefit her in some way.

3. User Experience - Emily expects a seamless user experience across all touchpoints with a brand. She is likely to use mobile devices or digital platforms to perform research and make purchases. Therefore, it is crucial that businesses optimize their user interface, offer convenience and make the purchase process quick and easy.

4. Customer Service - Emily expects a high level of customer service from businesses. This includes prompt communication, resolving any issues quickly and efficiently and personalized attention to her needs.

5. Emphasizing Quality - Quality is very important for Emily. She will always opt for quality over quantity. Therefore, businesses must emphasize the quality of their products and services to attract her.


The more you know about who you are selling to, the more effective you will be as a business.  Failing to identify any of the key components to a buyer persona (demographics, occupation, etc.) can result in lost opportunities.


In Conclusion:

This was just one example of a clear, thorough buyer persona. These change for every industry and every business. Developing these will allow you to truly understand your customer as a business, which will in turn lead to more successful marketing.

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