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It's a new week, and Facebook has been stepping it up on their updates. Big and small - they've got it all this week! That's more reason to make your content even more magical! Take a look! 



Facebook's Creative Shop Team developed 'Create to Convert.' This allows you to add lightweight motion to still images! There are four different ways you can do this: basic motion, brand in motion, benefit in motion, and demo in motion! I can't WAIT to try this out on my ad sets! 

Facebook is STILL testing new buttons, but this time it's in the form of your function bar shortcuts. And it's not a test. It's here to stay. You may have noticed the icons are different, AND they become colored when you click on them. 

Facebook function bar

STILL trying to make Messenger Video Chat more of a communication tool, Facebook has added new group AR games. I, for one, don't play these games but just thought you might want to know about them in case you need something to do one day. According to Facebook, there were "over 17 billion video chats last year, twice as many as the year before." 

Facebook AR games

Watch out! If you currently manage a larger Facebook Page, you may have to go through another authorization process. This is all a part of Facebook becoming more transparent, as we all know. You'll have to complete this authorization process before you can start posting on the page again. 

Facebook authorization



Instagram is also adding more things to their messaging including the option for private polls. Polls aren't new, but now if you just want your close group of friend's opinions rather than every single person that follows you on Instagram- you can do that. 

Instagram Private Poll


Gifs aren't a social media platform, but I sure do use them. In case you missed it, Giphy is bringing you Giphy Film Fest and a chance to win $10K! This is open until September 27 for all of you creatives. You can find more information and rules here! 


What did you just call him?? 


Tweet of the Week tweet

That's all for this week! Check back in next week to see if Facebook adds a billion more updates!! 

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