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Why Use Facebook for B2B?


Many think only business-to-consumer (B2C) companies do well on Facebook, but that is not the case. Business-to-Business (B2B) companies can connect with customers via Facebook.  

Here are 5 aspects of successful B2B companies on Facebook. 

1. Company Culture

On Facebook you can give potential customers a glimpse of your employees.  Pictures of your employees enjoying downtime together will give your customers a better look into who you are as a company.  Let your company's personality shine through your Facebook posts. 


Another way for potential customers to get a glimpse into your company culture is to allow reviews.  Positive feedback is great for your business and constructive criticism is great feedback.  Engourage your current customers to write a review on your Facebook wall. 


2. Content and Engagement 

Create visual content that customers want to share by understanding your audience.  Cisco, a technology company in San Jose, California, created this content. 


This content is not only up to date with a national day, but asks a questions and encourages engagement.  The more people that find your content pleasing to the eye, the more people that will share it so their friends can also see it.  Being a technology company, Cisco also plays into what most of their audience would like to see with their take on National Hug Day. 

3. Videos

Sprout social caught attention with their video inviting their followers to attend a free webinar. Facebook can be a perfect place to drive customers to connect and be added to your email list.  This video grabs attention and encourages you to save your seat at the webinar. 


4.  Brand 

Whenever you make a post, remember to include your company logo on the name.  Have an idea of what you want your posts to look like and try and stick with it. 


Along with a fact, Oracle included their logo in the top right corner and a hashtag in the bottom right corner. 

5. Ask a Question

Questions increase engagement of customers.  Ask questions that your customers are compelled to answer.  Questions can be directly or indirectly related to your field. 


Aetna is an American managed health care company.  This question is directly related to their field.  These questions drove followers to comment and read more about the flu. 

These 5 aspects help create successful Facebooks for B2B companies. 

How to Attract Customers on Facebook CTA

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