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Be Who You Are: Your True Audience Will Always Accept You


We caught up with Dre Baldwin of and he dropped off this gem. Read what the former professional player and motivational guru had to say about staying true to yourself below. 

How many of you have had this happen to you:

You're on a dating app/website (wait -- that's NOT the whole question) and meet someone who seems interesting. You have a few private message exchanges and maybe even talk on the phone briefly before deciding to meet in person. You're all excited because (s)he is physically attractive and seems to have the personality to match. You've hit the jackpot!

Then you get to the date/Starbucks and...

He's 5 inches shorter than he said he was in his profile. You look down and can see the dandruff in his hair. Her profile photo was obviously take 25 pounds ago. And her face tells you she is thinking the same thing you are.

Oh... so this only happened to me. Ok. Whatever.

When you're building your marketing presence online, don't waste time or energy trying to twist your presentation into what you think people will like. You'll only be wasting time and setting yourself up for failure when the people you've tricked learn who you really are. Since you already have the goods (the knowledge and skill and experience that put you in business in the first place), the sale is already made: You'd be surprised at what people will accept about you when you have exactly what they want.

The point is, you don't have to -- and should not, EVER -- misrepresent yourself to gain acceptance from any certain person or audience. Your true audience, the people who relate to your stories, really LOL at your jokes, and know exactly what that bad Tinder situation feels like, will accept you just as you are, always. Yes, even your flaws and the "polishing points" your critics may have pointed out.

We can see things in other human beings that those people themselves can't see in the mirror (and vice-versa). The "flaws" you try to hard to cover up are sooo obvious to everyone else. The more you try to cover them up, the more easy they are to spot. Think about making them the center of your marketing campaign.

Avis wasn't the #1 rental car agency, so We Try Harder. Pepsi wasn't the classic cola brand, so they were The Next Generation.

Think about your favorite celebrities; They've experience pain and anguish out in the open, right in front of you. Before and until they do/did, they were almost not relatable, too perfect. We relate when we see someone feel pain, embarrassment, failure, because we know what it feels like. We understand when someone has a character flaw, because WE ALL DO. Trying to appear too perfect is a worse flaw than not having any imperfections.

Your true fan base wants you to be 100% you. They want your strengths, weakness, virtues, flaws -- all in one imperfectly perfect package. You can never alienate your true fan base as long as you're being yourself. If you lose them, it's probably because you lost yourself in trying to be something you're not.

Keys to Delighting Your Customers

Want to read more and stay connected with Dre? Check him out.


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