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Best Practices for Content Creation

Interested in learning about creating content for your inbound marketing plans? If so, then continue to read on and discover what makes great content.


Creating and posting relevant, informative content is what inbound marketing is all about. By following the tips listed, you will be on your way to dominating your inbound marketing goals.

1. Always focus on mapping content to your personas AND where they are in the Buyer's Journey.

The stages in the Buyer's Journey are critical when deciding what type of content to create and post. In the awareness stage, research reports, eBooks, and educational content are all great options. Expert guides, live interactions, and podcasts are better suited for the consideration stage. The decision stage can include case studies, trial downloads, and live demos. 

2. Less is more.

Do not be fooled into believing that the best content is extremely long; by keeping it informative as well as concise, you are more likely to convert visitors into leads. Your personas are probably just as busy as you are- make it easy for them to consume your content.

3. Keep it educational, not promotional.

During the awareness and consideration stage, focus on producing content that will grab your readers' attention. It's not until the decision stage of the Buyer's Journey when your product or service should ever be mentioned.

4. Focus on the informational part of the content first, worry about design second.

Prioritize writing great content over making that content look nice, but still make time to create visuals such as infographics. Aesthetics can go a long way!

Check out these additional resources that'll help you get the most from your efforts:

Keep these methods in mind and you will be successful in content creation in no time!

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Olivia Chatham

At SociallyIn Olivia works with the social media department as a social media manager. She also creates various content such as blogs, eBooks, and infographics. Outside of SociallyIn, you can find her listening to music, online shopping, or watching cooking shows.

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