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Blog Immersion 101

Blogging is a vital aspect of your inbound marketing efforts.  It allows you to create content that your clients and prospective clients will love. After all, it is altered to their needs.

blog_immersion_101_1Learning to blog is often like learning how to swim. You have to immerse yourself into the blogging world before you start.  It helps to get an idea how others create their content, and what they write about. 

When learning to swim, it’s important to feel out the water.  Feel the temperature and become comfortable with it before diving in for the first time.

This is an important aspect of blogging as well. As I stated before, it’s significant to understand the blogging world prior to jumping in.

Before you start you need to understand your buyer personas, and who you want to be targeting. 

It’s essential to write for your audience.  Touch on subjects that they find important in regards to marketing and teach them how to gain leads. 

Try to avoid writing about things that will bore them. You need to draw their attention and excite them; DELIGHT THEM!

This is much like swimming in the fact that when learning to swim you need to be excited.  You have to overcome the fear of swimming, or in this case writing. You want to be able to withstand the water and want to go back for more.

This is just the first installment of this blog series, Blog Immersion 101.  Therefore, there is a lot more to come on how to dive into the blogging world and be successful.

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