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Blog Immersion 101: Part 2

After you learn who you need to write for, and how it will benefit your company.  It is important to learn how to own your writing skills. 


After immersing yourself into the water, it’s then time to learn how to doggy paddle.  This is a step you take to becoming a full-fledged swimmer.

Although it is a small step, it’s vital to your understanding of swimming.  Much like doggy paddling in the blogging world.  It is vital to learn how to own your writing skills before you can become an expert. 

The following tips can help you determine the best way to zone in on your blogging skills.



Everyone has a writing strength; you just have to write a little bit to find it.  Whether you’re good at writing a novel like a post or if you’re good at writing bulleted post.  It’s great to understand the best way for you to convey your message.  Try to stay consistent with your writing style, also.  This allows your readers to recognize your work.


As I’ve stated before, you should already know your target audience.  However, it’s important to aim to a broader audience; although, your focus should on a simple and smaller function.  The importance of this is to ensure that you are reaching your target audience and even more beyond that.  You want your content to be comprehensible and helpful to many, after all Inbound Marketing (and all that it entails) is beneficial for all forms of marketing. 

It’s obvious that knowing your strengths and how to focus your content are vital.  You need to establish a form for what you want to be known.  It’s important for the recognition of your work, much like swimming.  It’s important to know your swimming strength, are you better at a backstroke or a sidestroke? All of which comes with time.

Also, like swimming you want to know your focus.  How deep is too deep, how far out is too far out.  This ties back into your aim and focus.  It’s important to know how broad to aim, and how small to focus.

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