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Bookmark Your Tweets! 

It's officially March! January dragged on. February kept on moving, and now we're rolling into March full force.  Let's check out some of the fun new updates that happened this week, because as you know social media doesn't sleep. 



Have you heard about VERO yet? Probably.

If not, it is said to be the new Instagram. Earlier this week the popularity of this new app quickly grew and of course, I downloaded it right away just to see what all the hype was about.  Take a look at what Vero looks like as a user. ↓↓ 

IMG_3674  veroIMG_3673

Vero is a mix of other popular social media apps. What's the big deal? The main complaint about Instagram these days is that it's not in order. Vero is in chronological order (Take note Insta and just bring it back already).

It lasted for a couple of days, but now a #DeleteVero campaign has started. Users are concerned about the founder's past. You can decide you want to delete the app, but deleting your account seems to be a little bit more difficult than expected. Users posted on Twitter that you must file a support request via Vero. 

Let me know your thoughts on the app, or if you'll even consider using it. 


Finally. Twitter launched Bookmarks. Do you know what this means!? You can save tweets privately. In the past I have been saving tweets via favoriting or liking them, but as we all know this isn't private, and ANYONE can see what you're liking. Not a biggie. Sometimes you don't necessarily 'like' a tweet but just want to save it for later so you can read the article content. I will be taking advantage of this feature. This is what it looks like. ↓



Are you looking for a new webinar? Pinterest may have you covered! Pinterest is running webinars in hopes to help marketers boost their performance. You can find the full list of weekly podcasts that start this month HERE



Google's latest announcment states that "Accelerated Mobile Pages will soon be available in new Stories format."


 It will essentially be another way for publishers to share content.  Let's wait and see how stories take over all of our social media and online platforms! 


LinkedIn has updated its search option to make it easier to find the results you need. All of the search filters are on the top of the screen now.

LinkedIn said, 

“To streamline your search experience, we’ve moved search filters to the top of the search results page. In addition, the most frequently used filters - like location, connection degree, and current companies - are displayed by default to help you narrow your search more effortlessly.”



That's all I have for this week. Enjoy March and make it a good one! 

Lizzie Williamson

Social Media Enthusiast | Dog Lover | Coffee Connoisseur | Louisiana, USA

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