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College Admissions Needs to Use Instagram Better


In early April of this year, Time wrote an article about high school students using Instagram to help them make their college decisions. For some students, it is difficult to tour potential colleges, so they turn to social media to try and get a view of what life is like at a particular school. More recently they have been looking at current students' pages rather than the official university Instagram to get a more realistic view. College admissions need to change the way they use Instagram to help attract possible applicants.

Colleges don't need to be posting very staged pictures. Instead, ask students for permission to repost their images. You can use an app, such as Repost for Instagram, to do this easily. You could also hire students that attend your school to capture photographs from different events. They can better relate to the high school students and could provide a more realistic view for them. 

Another route would be to do a feature post every week and feature a different student or staff member each week. Include their class and major, as well as things they are involved in on campus and their favorite place to eat in town. You could include a multitude of different little facts that potential students could relate to.

These are just a couple of different ways for college admissions to vamp up the school's Instagram. You could hire staff and students to create the content to use on the profile or a number of other things! You can get creative with what you do; just make sure it's what your audience wants to see. So in this instance, you want the high school students to be able to relate to your posts and provide a realistic view of college for them.

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