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Cost vs Value: Why Industry Pricing Means Nothing in Mississippi

Cost vs Value funny comic: How much does your love cost? - Love is free! - Don't you value love?

For many businesses in Mississippi, the words ‘digital’ and ‘agency’ are bad words. The decision makers at many establishments have an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” type of mentality which leaves them set in their ways, no matter how outdated the tactics. Not having, or worse, having a bad digital presence can cause your business to be left behind while the competition flourishes in this new age of digital media.

It can be argued that the State of Mississippi is completely disconnected from design industry and anything that would be considered the “standard” as far as industry pricing. Although many Mississippi businesses could benefit greatly from a full agency team working to better their brand but for various reasons, this value doesn’t correlate to the business owners. Most major agencies bill by the hour and have sizable teams that can cause quotes to be pretty pricey. Combine that with the fear of inefficient project progress, which can increase costs even more, and many business owners are turned off to it all.

Value is Relative


Industry Pricing Mississippi - 'I give you service...'

Historically, in the south, specifically Mississippi, change hasn’t always been received well. This would go especially for business. When the same strategy has been effective for years, it’s understood why a business owner would be hesitant to steer away from what works. Situations as such can make it difficult to portray the true value that an agency like Sociallyin can bring.



Price Vs Value

And when stubborn owners don’t see value, you hear things like, “well John said he can build my website for $100.” Although it may be a quality site, realize that you get what you pay for and over time the true value of that investment will show. Always remember that what looks good and makes the cut for one client may not for another.

The best way to respond is through continuously improving so that your value becomes undeniable. 


Want to know more about Cost vs Value? Or maybe you have a specific problem you need help with? 

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