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Creating a Facebook Video Ad That Moves People to Action


It's been predicted that within the next few years Facebook will become mostly video. With that being said, video advertisers are gaining access to more and more features within Facebook's ad platform. You now have the option to choose from 4 advertising objectives: Video Views, Clicks to Website, Page Post Engagement, and Website Conversions. Recently, Facebook started creating custom audience lists of people who viewed the video ad. You can later use the lists to retarget those viewers.

Writing Script for your video ad

A video ad could be as simple as recording yourself. You can make videos more eye-catching with animated text, images and even music. A strong ad relies on correct targeting and a powerful message.

This article will help you create a video ad with only 5 lines in your script. Each line has a specific goal: grab attention, build interest, elicit desire, create conviction or a call to action.


Grab Attention

Starting with a question is a good way to gain users' attention. Begin with your focus on the main pain point of you audience. What are they struggling with? What are some of your customer's biggest problems?

The focus should be not only on the problem, but also on how it makes people feel. When done correctly, you have an audience-to-problem match. The goal is to have people think "That's me" when they view your ad. This way, they are more likely to be interested in what you have to say.

Build Interest

Now you have the attention of viewers, but you need to keep them interested so they will watch your video all the way through. This is where you start to hint at the solution to the problem. Let your audience know that the problem is not everlasting. Using words such as new and easy are a way to create interest

Develop Desire

When describing your offer, make it sound irresistable or like something the user must have. Focus on a benefit that makes what you're offering stand out from the other solutions. Guides solve specific problems, making them popular among users. Using the word free along with your benefit makes it that much more appealing.

create Persuasion

At this point in the ad, you are trying to convince the viewer to take action. Dr. Robert Cialdini's says that six things trigger people to take action: reciprocity, commitment (and consistency), liking, social proof, authority and scarcity. Keep these in mind while creating your video ad. 

For video ads, you will most likely be focusing on the last three: social proof, authority and scarcity. To convey these you can have the offer available for a limited time or have a well-known expert back your product. Be honest!

Include a Call to Action

At the end of the video, tell people what you want them to do and let them know where to click. When setting up your ad on Facebook, you can choose from different call to actions including Download, Learn More and Sign Up. Mention the call to action button before the video ends.


Your script isn't limited to five lines; the idea is that each part of the video has a specific purpose.


What techniques do you like to use? What have you found works best? Let us know!

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