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Customer Delight for Manufacturing Companies

Interested in learning about delighting your customers? If so, then continue reading for tips on how your manufacturing company can delight customers.


Customer delight is a very important part of inbound marketing for all businesses, including manufacturing companies because most businesses spend the majority of their money and time on acquiring customers and building products.. By following the methods listed, you will soon be on your way to delighting customers.

1. Delight Employees

Simon Sinek said, "Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first." Therefore, it is important to delight your employees and they will delight your customers. Happy employees create happy customers and allow for sustained customer delight.

2. Educate Employees

Customers and employees are a business's greatest assets. Develop team principles that your employees live by. Principles create autonomy and empower employees to make decisions on their own.

3. Empower Employees

Let employees' personalities shine through. You hired them correctly, so let them free. They are the faces of the business who interact with people every day.

4. Listen

Use social monitoring as a listening tool. Also, repeat what customers say when communicating with them. Ensure you're on the same page and you're both discussing the same thing.

5. Ask Questions

Ask questions to learn more about their problem or question. Start questions with: why, how, what, when where, or who.

6. Help & Educate

Employees should be problem solvers. Solve the right problems for the right personas. Remember, it's not what you say, but how you make them feel that creates a lasting relationship.

7. Follow up

Make sure you always resolve all of their problems. Use email workflows to follow-up with customers after they purchase.

Check out these additional resources that'll help you get the most from your efforts:

New Call-to-action

Keep these methods in mind and you will be delighting customers in no time!

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Olivia Chatham

At SociallyIn Olivia works with the social media department as a social media manager. She also creates various content such as blogs, eBooks, and infographics. Outside of SociallyIn, you can find her listening to music, online shopping, or watching cooking shows.

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