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Customer Engagement: A Complete Guide to Improve Customer Experience

Customer engagement marketing is an expert technique businesses use worldwide to get the best results. This method is designed to reel in new audiences and get existing customers committed.



Businesses strive for unparalleled success. If you do too and want it almost overnight, then read on. Because in this guide, we’ll teach you the fool-proof customer engagement technique.

Let’s get started.


logo-2 What is Customer Engagement

The ongoing brand-focused interactions between company and customer are called customer engagement. In other words, it is the emotional connection between a customer and a company. Here are some quick insights regarding customer engagement to help you better understand the concept:

1. Engagement means the interactions between brands and their customer base. So the interactions are unique to each company and customer base

2. It leads to an emotional connection between the customers and the brands

3. Such engagement is also a measure of first-time visitors' interaction. The better the engagement program you employ, the higher the conversion rate (visitors to regulars). 


For example:

A lady sees your ad, gets interested, and clicks on it. Places an order, and later tells her friends about it. Thanks to such excellent interactions, your business has secured a new buyer and can get even more through word-of-mouth and referrals. 

logo-2 What is Customer Engagement Marketing

Effective customer engagement marketing is an excellent way to engage customers and the best way to boost business sales. Here’s everything you need to know about this:

1. It’s a marketing strategy emphasizing the importance of a customer base

2. This strategy depends on the depth of connections and customer satisfaction

3. As a result, it seeks to strengthen the bond with buyers

Here’s how customer engagement marketing depends on connections between companies and their clients:

1. Delivering personalized content to each client

2. Interacting with people on their preferred channels

3. Curating meaningful ads instead of grabby ones aimed at a general audience

An ordinary sales pitch can only go so far. But due to changing times, there’s a need for a newer approach. And the customer engagement marketing fills just that.  




How to Increase Customer Engagement

Boosting engagement is one of the core reasons behind today’s marketing. That entails that your entrepreneurial success depends straight on how well-connected you are with your buyers.

Here are some basic tips to boost customer engagement:

  • Look into the customer activity statistics and analyze them
  • Based on the analytics, create unique and personalized ads for your target audience - the kind that’s in line with their interests
  • Meet customer expectations
  • Use relevant keywords to appear on top of search results
  • Add hashtags on social media posts to get the chance of getting into filtered posts
  • Be as original and transparent as you can with your customers. Authenticity is the fuel for unbreakable relationships.

With that said, we’ll now teach you how to level up your customer engagement marketing game?


Let’s go:

How to Improve Your Company's Customer Experience for Max Customer Engagement

To improve your customer experience, you need to map out the customer journey first. That’ll help you determine the flaws in your system. There are five primary phases of the customer journey:

  • Awareness -- when consumers first see your brand via ads or marketing
  • Consideration -- when they go through the product description and website to make up their minds
  • Purchase -- when they decide to buy and actually do it
  • Retention -- when companies succeed to keep these buyers interested to make second, third, and fourth purchases
  • Advocacy -- when these consumers are satisfied with their purchase and spread the word among family and friends

Customer journey includes all processes in the stages below:

  • Pre-purchase -- before they buy your product (think: user-friendly website interface)
  • Purchasing -- during the buying process (consider the accessibility of "buy now" links and discounts)
  • Post-purchase -- after they’ve pressed the "buy now" (work on speedy delivery time, excellent product condition, and provide customer service)
  • Consumption -- they’ve successfully received and used the product (provide refunds in case of damage and review boards for customers feedback)

In short - customer engagement marketing is the other name of customer satisfaction. So, ensuring the smooth sailing of a customer's journey is as vital as any other aspect of running a business.

Optimization of Customer Engagement Marketing Advertisements

Advertisements make up half the customer engagement marketing model. They’re the best customer engagement indicators. So, marketers put the most effort into advertisement-based marketing campaigns. Before creating your ads, you need to:

  • Define what your goals are -- awareness or conversion or sales
  • Select the best target audience\
  • Analyze popular trends with the age group you target your product or service towards; improve the product accordingly. 

Once these are done, it’s time to create the best ad. Here’s how you can get creative with your ads to retain customers and increase customer interaction:

  • Use high-quality professional images for your campaigns: because clear and crisp photos can 10X consumer engagement
  • Cut down the amount of text on photo ads: Research shows people often skip text-heavy posts. So, mention only the relevant call to action
  • Post a good size image: Minimum width of 600px offers the best results
  • Dabble in different media for various ad campaigns: Videos, slides, infographics, etc. 

Attention-grabbing ads are the bread and butter of customer engagement marketing. So ensure these ads have the maximum appeal to your audience. why-consumers-unfollow-brands-on-social-media

Image Source:

The Best Customer Engagement Examples

The most failsafe way to learn a new craft is to study the best examples. After all, new ideas often evolve from older ideas. The following are some best customer engagement marketing examples to get loyal customers:

#1 IKEA: 

They’re one of the first ones to dive into augmented reality and offer live chats to their customers. The in-store and online model maximizes engagement by offering the same flawless experience. The omnichannel approach is a real winner in this case.


Image Source:

#2 Netflix: 

The streaming platform has dominated since its launch because of its ever-evolving strategies. The site has done an excellent job of keeping up with changing trends and interests. By investing in professional analytical tools, Netflix has produced some of the most engaging content ever.


Image Source:

#3 Uber: 

The revolutionary taxi service has incentivized customer loyalty by keeping at the top for meeting local demands. Solving consumer problems has been their top priority. And the results of their success are evident.


Image Source:

#4 Apple: 

When discussing client loyalty and customer engagement, there’s no way around mentioning the famous Apple Inc. Their following is bigger than their customer base - so much so that the consumers have become marketers.

Apple wanted to create a functional and aesthetic product and succeeded. The company combined that approach with a proper marketing strategy - which focuses on the products’ benefits. 


Image Source:

#5 Evy's Tree: 

This women’s fashion brand increased its engagement via a reward system and amassed a large Facebook following. 

Evy’s Tree also launched an exceptional insider group for like-minded customers.

These marvelous examples are the perfect model for new ideas. So these can teach you a lot about strengthening customer relationships.


Image Source: Rewards Program

Real-Time Updates: The Secret Customer Engagement Strategy

Through real-time updates, businesses make it natural for customers to engage with a brand. Many brands of the 21st century use this strategy. They make long-lasting bonds with clients through transparent posts.

This strategy humanizes businesses and allows consumers to connect with them on a human level. Here are some things your customers want to hear about:

  • Company developments -- what the future holds for them
  • Product manufacturing lowdown -- ethical practices
  • Change of management -- as a new administration takes new routes.
  • What steps the company has taken to reduce the effects of climate change -- such as carbon footprint updates
  • Product improvements
  • Political stance

It may be hard to understand the importance of political stance at first. But giving your opinion about state affairs increases trust and reliability.

Why You Need an Expert to Boost Your Customer Engagement Marketing

Sure, almost anyone with business tact can boost customer engagement. But an expert is still the best person for the job. Because experts:

  • Have years of industry experience
  • Have the best customer engagement solutions learned through trial and error
  • Will teach you their tips and tricks. You can use them long after hiring them
  • Have a proper education in the field. So an amateur can’t offer the same results
  • It will save you a lot of time looking into magical strategies that work and learning industry-specific jargon

Plus, getting expert help will save you a lot of money since it’ll eliminate the trial and error of different methods.

So if you’ve decided on hiring a professional, then SociallyIn is the perfect place. It’s where result-focused social media marketers hang out.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to engage customers?

Here are some tips for engaging customers:

  • Do surveys for feedback
  • Fix the problems you find from the feedback
  • Select your target audience and market for them
  • Make your site interactive by including things like short quizzes
  • Make the site user-friendly and offer frequent updates to keep your audience interested

Announcing upcoming events or sales is another excellent way to engage the audience in the long run.

How to engage B2B customers?

B2B customers and B2C customers have a lot in common. Now they’ve started to expect the same B2B model of interactions in B2B dealings.

Here are 5 steps on how to engage your customers:

  • Create personalized buying processes
  • Offer adequate customer-facing online tools
  • Build fruitful brand partnerships, share solutions and ideas
  • Help them till the product is adopted by end-users (don’t abandon right after selling)
  • Offer "growth products" like strategy building books, business strengthening tools, etc.

How to engage customers on social media?

Social media drives sales for many businesses. About 74% of businesses report a boost in sales via increased customer engagement marketing on social media. Here are some ways to engage consumers on social media:

  • Show them the behind-the-scenes of manufacturing. It’ll make the customers feel involved and become more likely to make the purchase
  • Be funny and relatable as it lets customers have a good time. Ultimately, you get an organic base that’s retainable in the long term
  • Pique their interest with new types of content like infographics and such. It raises their probability of sharing your content and creating brand exposure.

How to measure customer engagement?

Studying the customer engagement marketing metrics is crucial because:

  • It helps figure out which marketing campaigns succeed and which fail
  • It lets you see where the flaws are and lets you make improvements

Although measuring customer engagement marketing is difficult, it’s not impossible. Here are some ways you can do so:

  • Study conversion rate: Conversion rate is the number of people who take action when you ask them to do something (for example: signing up to your newsletter, buying the product, creating an account, etc.)
  • Analyze the page per session: A session means a single website visit by a consumer. The more pages a customer clicks through in one site visit, the higher the page-per-session rate. So that means the content is engaging enough if your target audience clicks through.
  • Read the session time of individual consumers: A long session means the customer spent a long time looking into your products. So you successfully gained their engagement.

Why does customer engagement matter?

Customer engagement marketing alone can offer your brand unparalleled success. It’s essential because:

  • It creates customer loyalty in the long run
  • Such marketing lets you retain existing customers and bring in the traffic of newer clients
  • Repeat customers are more likely to spread word-of-mouth to their friends and family
  • Return on investment increases
  • Businesses that focus on customer engagement experience about 24% increase in revenue

So it’s an excellent strategy for small to midsize businesses for the best returns!

Customer engagement marketing can help start-ups break into the market and strengthen their place. It can establish new ventures at the same level as already successful businesses. So there’s no reason to not put the most effort into it.

Keith Kakadia

I am a native of New Orleans, LA with a passion for social media marketing, entrepreneurship, and making new connections. I enjoy the opportunity to work with amazing individuals and brands everyday.

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