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Deep Breaths: 3 Ways Meditation Makes You A Better Marketer


Meditation encompasses the idea of being present and not being rushed. As an entrepreneur, that probably sounds foreign and pretty far-fetched, right? Accomplished Def Jam Founder, Russell Simmons explains meditation as mental exercises used to rid your mind of the noise and fluctuations that consume you on the daily. With this, clarity comes better decision-making. 

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Everything is geared towards quieting the mind. Ridding your mental of the noise, the thinking, over thinking and stresses. We naturally turn to things that we think will silence the fluctuations but actually add to them. Meditation brings you to a place of stillness and serenity that opens up chambers of your mind you may have forgotten about. 

3 Ways Meditation Makes You A Better Marketer

1. Focus

Naturally, our minds are like monkeys bouncing around a cage. Moments of stillness, followed by just as much madness. Meditation is the way to train your brain, to prime it for focus and concentration. It allows you to rid yourself of distractions, key in on concepts and break them down on multiple levels, then use that information more efficiently. The stronger those muscles get, the easier it'll be to get "in the zone" of sorts. The key is being present. 


2. Keeps You Centered

As an entrepreneur, you'll face many failures and your fair share of success. Meditation helps to keep you one with yourself. That quiet time brings you more in tune, calms the waves and helps you to not only embrace those failures but work past them.  When your mind is free, clear and still, you're able to rationalize better and make more informed decisions.

3. Releases Creativity 

The noise you get bombarded with produces a mental static that can over saturate the creativity that lies within you. Those thoughts and ideas that get drowned out and pushed to the back of your mind start to bubble up to the surface as the calm creates pathways to present thinking. 

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Meditation can be the first step to improving all aspects of your quality of life. 

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