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Developing Your Own TikTok Marketing Strategy

TikTok: It blew up over night. It's had billions of downloads and millions of monthly active users.

And at the epicenter of this explosive volcano of successes is teens and very young adults. (Think 16-24 year olds) who are creating all kinds of incredibly fun, witty and relatable content that speaks to their audience.

In the marketing world, we look at this success and marvel, but also want to somehow take advantage of the potential and drive more sales for our own brand.

But what is there to gain from TikTok? How can we possibly take advantage of this platform in a way that makes sense and will give us the results we’re longing for?

The answer lies in a proper and successful TikTok marketing strategy. But to have a successful strategy, you must first develop one.

And that’s where we come in.

P.S check out our Ultimate Guide to TikTok marketing HERE.

First, Some History

TikTok, if you didn’t know, was originally and was popular among karaoke lovers and lip syncing teens.

The Chinese company ByteDance bought and just absorbed it into TikTok, which created what we now see as a global, musical, creative powerhouse.

For every ten minutes you spend on the app, that’s more than ten bite-sized videos or gigantic creative proportions.

This genius app allows its users to create content using filters, music, effects, editing tools and more, which leaves the door wide open for users and brands alike to make the most of the platform.

It’s not unusual now to see brands taking bigger risks on platforms like TikTok because the audience demands it. And if there’s even a portion of your audience on TikTok, building a creative presence is worth it.

We won’t go over how to use TikTok at the moment because we covered that over HERE but we are going to dive into the what, how and why behind developing a good marketing strategy on TikTok. So let’s dive in.

How to Develop Your Own Wicked Marketing Strategy on TikTok

See, now we're getting somewhere! If you want to kill it on TikTok, your marketing strategy is EVERYTHING. Below, we're outlining the five components that are absolutely necessary for the success of your strategy. Outside of these components, feel free to use your creativity and experiment to see what works best for your brand and your particular audience.

#1 Utilize Challenges!

What it is: This is a huge part of TikTok. Challenges can be anything from a dance routine to dumping milk over your head.

Why you should make it an integral part of your TikTok marketing strategy: Challenges are a fantastic way to raise awareness about a cause, your brand, giveaways, contests and more.

Thing to keep in mind: If you make it too easy, nobody is going to want to do your challenge. The same can be true of making it *too* difficult.

Make sure you leave plenty of room for users to be creative. Nobody likes being told what to do, but especially not on an app like TikTok, where there's so many ways things can be taken and twisted and recreated.

#2 Use Duets!

What it is: Duets are a cool way to interact with other users by adding to their videos. You an coordinate high-fives, conversations, let users react to things you're saying and more.

Why you should make it a part of your marketing campaign: This can be a great way to connect with your audience on a personal level and add on to a hashtag campaign.

Thing to keep in mind: This works best as a person-to-person type element. E.G have your viewers duet their reaction to your latest product or service, or how you've been giving back to the community.

#3 Find and Utilize Influencers

Just like any social media app, there's influencers. Everywhere.

What it is: Influencers are exactly what they sound like. You're familiar with them. They influence people, and on TikTok this can mean literally millions of people.

Why you should make it a part of your marketing strategy: It will make promoting your hashtag campaigns and account that much easier and you'll be able to see brand growth faster.

Things to keep in mind: If you're not careful in your selection of an influencer, you can do more harm than good for your brand.

#4 Create a Push for Content ASAP

What it is: Time constraints. Basically, you're giving your audience a limited time to act, which means they'll be more likely to jump in and make great content sooner rather than later.

Why you should make it a part of your marketing strategy: It can help push potential buyers to the finish line and convert faster and more easily and it encourages more interaction with your brand.

Things to keep in mind: Much like the GUESS campaign only lasted a week, make sure your followers know they have to act ASAP to get the rewards they're hoping for. Whether that's fame on TikTok for doing a dance or getting a special promotion, time restraints are super powerful.

#5 Purpose to Be Authentic in Everything

Authenticity is important to all the users on TikTok. So be respectful.

What it is: Authenticity on TikTok means no sales-y posting. The goal on TikTok is building a community and a relationship. Not getting sales.

Why you should make it an integral part of your marketing efforts: People WANT to know how your business functions behind closed doors. They WANT to see the failures that led to your success. It's the best way to build a brand around what is right and what people can relate to. They'll value your company more for being real, being transparent and being open, creative and honest.

Things to keep in mind: Without authenticity and honesty, the TikTok community will get rid of you. And if you think I'm kidding, give it a try. TikTok has yet to be barricaded with sales-y brands trying to make a quick buck, so honesty is still very high on the list of things you HAVE to be to make it. TikTok is all about being free-spirited and posting about things you're passionate about, being creative and trying new things. So stay in that sphere and stay safe.

What ROi Can I Expect From TikTok Marketing?

TikTok, like several other social media apps is focused more on building a community than making sales. The focus is more on "audience building", awareness and engagement VS conversions.

But one of the real bonuses is that TikTok is giving businesses a chance to reach a much younger demographic than what has previously been possible.

GET THIS THOUGH: Because TikTok makes downloading videos easier than digging into an entire pint of ice cream by yourself, (which, let's be honest, is SO EASY to do!🍨) you'll be reaching MILLIONS of other users that may not even be ON TikTok because users are constantly downloading videos, compiling them and putting them on Youtube.

But How Can I Really Get This Going?!?!

It's easy, I promise.

Download the app. Set up an account. Start browsing so you can get familiar with the platform and how people are actually using it. USE THIS GUIDE to start crafting content that is, shall we say, BEYOND the realms of awesome and START BUILDING NEW CONNECTIONS AND BIGGER AUDIENCES.

💖Did you love this article?? Did we help you find the answers you were looking for?? Let us know in the comments!👏

Adam Palmer

Cocktail Connoisseur | Traveler | Social Media Strategy Enthusiast | Chicago, IL

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