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Digital Marketing for Dentists: Effective Way To Grow Your Practice

Between trying to provide premier service to your patients and finding new patients, it’s no surprise that the dental industry struggles with digital marketing for dentists specifically.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Dentists to Reach New Patients


Suppose you consider digital marketing for dentists to fall on the lower side of “important” on the spectrum of things your practice could benefit from after implementation. 

In that case, we’re here to help show you why it’s not only essential but a vital part of landing new patients, increasing brand recognition, and improving your online reputation. 

Are you ready to get started? Let’s go!!!

logo-2 What Is Digital Marketing For Dentists?

First, all interaction that takes place between your practice and your patients is, in some capacity, an element of marketing your services.

Digital marketing for dentists is explicitly the art of creating, distributing, and analyzing content to bring more customers into your funnel, or move patients already in the funnel further down into the buyers’ journey online.


How Can Digital Marketing for Dentist's Benefit Your Business?

Many of the biggest “perks” have been mentioned in the definition above: more customers, more engagement, more interaction, more eyeballs on what you’re doing, and the protection and improvement of your online reputation and presence. 

We’ve worked continuously with dental brands looking to scale their digital marketing for dentists efforts online and build a family and community within their patient base and beyond. Sociallyin helps dental practices like yours scale-up.

Dental clinics just like yours have had nearly limitless success, garnering new impressions and better results every quarter. That’s the magic of dental marketing for your clinic.

Creating a Growth Plan

The first and most crucial step for any dental marketing plan is to create a strategy. This strategy should carefully outline what you’re looking to achieve, who you will be targeting, what your approach will look like, what platforms it includes, and what type of content you need to be launching for the best results each month. 

An excellent dental marketing growth plan will have all of this information and more, beginning with outlining the necessities.

#1 Pick the Platforms You Want to be Active On

Picking the platforms you want to be active on is important because even the best dental marketing content won’t be attractive to people outside of your target audience. 

Instagram and Facebook are always safe bets because they’re primarily family-centric and encompass the ages and sexes you’re most likely to be targeting.

TikTok is also an enjoyable option for educational and family-oriented content. 

For more corporate types of content and educational content, we recommend LinkedIn. 

#2 Settle on Specific Types of Content

It’s one thing to purpose to post content, and it’s another to create a content plan and brainstorm content in advance with pre-planned content pillars.

You need to have specific topics and content in mind when planning your dental marketing growth strategy, or you’ll have burnout. And you don’t want that limiting your campaign.

(WE don’t want that either!)

In order to help you out, we’re going to drop some content ideas that fit the dental marketing bill further down in this article. 

#3 Be Community-Focused When it Comes to Your Audience

Growing your audience and your brand loyalty starts with treating your patients and potential patients online and in-person with respect, dignity, grace, and care. 

You can take a very community-centric approach when it comes to your social media for better, faster results. All it takes is 10-15 minutes spent doing outbound engagement. 

This includes:

  • Commenting on posts related to the dental industry
  • Sharing informative posts and content on healthcare
  • Sharing good news from your patients to your Story or Feed
  • Praising your target audience for effort and care
  • Joining and participating in groups where your target audience spends the majority of their time

Doing this will give your audience a sense of “belonging” and ultimately drive people back to your website!

#4 Content Still Reigns Supreme in the Dental Marketing Landscape

Your content may not be “everything” but it certainly reigns supreme when it comes to your dental marketing strategy. 

Posting timely, informative, educational and engaging content is one of the most important parts of your dental marketing success story.

Your audience WANTS to hear from you. To hear about all that you’re doing to make their experience worth the investment. 

Dental marketing content is your ticket to prove that to them.

#5 Analyze All of Your Digital Marketing for Dentists' Efforts

Ultimate success for your dental marketing efforts begins with a plan and continues with every analyzation for improvement. 

You won’t start out on the right track by default. You’ll try some things and utterly fail. But there will be times you try something new and uncover an extremely successful method or opportunity and vow never to go back. 

The problem lies in not constantly being on the lookout for bigger and better opportunities. Some of the most successful truths that you might’ve already uncovered may just be the tip of the iceberg. 

What if greater success lies behind a small tweak of your copy or a different type of content? 

This is the reason why we put a huge emphasis on constantly analyzing the effort and methods we utilize for our own social media marketing plan. And we think you should, too.

Create a strategy that outlines your goals, target audience, approach, platforms, and content planning.

Content Ideas

It’s easy for the creative well to run dry when you’re working in social media; let’s just be honest. Month after month posting content, and pretty soon, you aren’t sure what to post anymore. 

We want to solve that problem for you with some dental marketing content ideas.

  1. Celebrate particular “months” and “days” like National Dentists Day, National Dog Day, or Pet Day for special office pets. 
  2. Host giveaways
  3. Share about how to work more brushing and flossing into a routine
  4. Employee spotlights
  5. Positive reviews
  6. Success stories
  7. Behind the scenes glance at how you help patients
  8. How you’re helping the community
  9. An inside look at the ways you’re improving the patient experience in your practice
  10. Show off handy features, like apps/the ability to book appointments online and other patient-friendly tools.
  11. Give out promotions when patients share your content or check-in!
  12. Discuss the impact of trends on teeth and bone health. I.e., piercings, etc.
  13. Debunk myths around dentists and oral health
  14. Fun facts about dentistry
  15. Utilize #TBT’s and other old content into new and exciting, engaging content.

Tips to grow your audience on social media

The Big Difference Between Dental Paid Advertising and Digital Marketing for Dentists

When some people think “digital marketing for dentists" or even marketing in general, the first thing that might come to mind is social paid advertising. 

But, what you might not know is that marketing and advertising are two different things. We’re not asking you to spend money outright on ads when we’re encouraging you to embrace dental marketing for your practice. (We won’t say it’s a bad idea, though.)

When we’re talking about marketing, we’re talking about things you can do NOW to bring more patients into your practice.

Dental paid advertising is much more targeted and specific. You pay, say, Facebook, and they put your ad in front of your audience. 

Organic digital marketing for dentists requires YOU to actively find your audience and provide them with information that will continually draw them closer to your practice.

Paid Advertising vs Digital Marketing for dental practices

Should I Consider Doing Paid Ads for My Dental Practice?

Over the course of the time we’ve been in business, we’ve handled millions of dollars in ad spend and finding ways to target more specifically and accurately. 

But it didn’t happen for us overnight. And it’s for this reason that we wouldn’t recommend just “diving in” without first educating yourself about how to advertise accurately for your particular niche. 

However, if you want some help elevating your practice and want some hands-on help with your paid advertising, we’ll be right here to help!

Facebook ads and social growth CTA

Stellar Dental Marketing Ideas and Content Examples

One of the best ways to learn is through example, which is why we’ve pulled some (a few that we’ve actually created ourselves!) from around the web to give you a good idea of what you can aim for in terms of digital marketing for dentists content.

165067942_310863890551410_2434871637139571510_n#1 Customer Reviews

Show other potential customers what they're missing out on with customer reviews!

165204823_733040837371477_1030136371518497331_n#2 Celebrate and Share on Relevant "National Days" Through the Year

Relevant National Days like "National Dentist Day" are the perfect opportunity for you to share fun facts and things you're thankful for about your patients and dentists. It's also a great time to draw potential patients attention to the comfort and care you can provide.


#3 Share Fun Facts and Informational Content

Fun facts and informational content that's also relevant can present a huge opportunity for your practice to engage with your audience. 

165574228_465309304614054_1336703171506728790_n#4 Celebrate Holidays! 🍀

Garner excitement around your brand and share about what's coming. Your audience will get excited, too!


#5 Educate Your Audience

Giving your audience the tools and information they need to help themselves helps build trust between you and them and provides you an opportunity to give your audience a push in the right direction.

165356607_755999375049392_5079009066677376742_n#6 Celebrate the Little Things

The first day of spring, a patient bringing you cookies, some sun after days of rain...whatever it is you're celebrating, let your audience celebrate with you! A little personalization and care goes a long way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, we know you have questions. Let's get you some answers! 

Do I Really NEED to Invest in Dental Marketing?

If you want to experience wild success, we'd definitely recommend implementing dental marketing into your online efforts. 

And if it's just too much to handle alone, you know who to call!

What Results Can I Expect From My Dental Marketing Campaign?

This is all going to depend on what your efforts are going into it, but you can expect to experience an uptick in followers, engagement and clicks within the first month or two.

Do I Need Help From a Dental Marketing Agency?

We're a little biased, but it's also because we know just how awesome your results could be if you take action immediately.

If there's anything worth investing in, it's your practice! After all, without patients, there isn't a practice!

Are You Looking to Elevate Your Dental Practice with Help From an Experienced Digital Marketing Agency?

Sociallyin here to help! With a little love and care, thumb-stopping content creation, stellar copy, experienced social media analyzers and some social media optimization, you'll be feeling the client love in no time. 

Keith Kakadia

I am a native of New Orleans, LA with a passion for social media marketing, entrepreneurship, and making new connections. I enjoy the opportunity to work with amazing individuals and brands everyday.

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