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Discover Facebook's Click-to-Call Feature



Facebook is a marketing playground and advertisers rejoice each time Facebook adds a new feature to their arsenal. Their latest addition is a feature called click-to-call. The aptly named button is for their mobile advertisers and simply allows consumers to call a business directly from the ad they see. Even though the idea seems simple and obvious, it can generate huge returns for your business. Let’s take a look at how click to call can have an immediate impact on your marketing.


Better Customer Service. This feature will be an automatic upgrade for your customer service. You make your business more accessible and easier to do business with. Hopping on the click-to-call train early will differentiate your service from your competitors. When customers know that you are easy to contact and readily available, they will be more willing to do business with you over the other guys.


Easier Conversions. You will actually gain an advantage over the common digital lead information gathering tactic of filling out a form to gain their information. If they pick up the phone to call your business you have the opportunity to win their business right then and there, instead of allowing them to shop around while you process their form information. Click-to-call is a great opportunity for closing deals immediately and even upselling when you can.


Broadening Appeal. In the digital age, many people simply prefer to go through the entire purchase process online, yet there are still plenty of people that still want to do business with a person. The click-to-call feature allows you to advertise in a way that caters to everyone’s purchasing preferences without alienating either group. This will obviously result in more leads and conversions.


Better Results From Your Ads. Simply put, this addition is a no brainer for your Facebook advertising. It doesn’t have a negative on your ads regardless of your audience or goals. Your business will receive more customers and your marketing strategy will undoubtedly receive a boost.


Facebook has scored big again on their advertising platform. This is great for small businesses that need to incorporate quality customer service into their brand. Its beauty is found in its simplicity and the effectiveness of the idea. Click-to-call needs to be added into your strategy asap.

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Gary Thompson

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