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Do You Have Talent?

Hello everyone! 

If you're new here, every week I collect the newest trends and updates in social media so you don't have to or if you just had a busy week and didn't catch everything! I even include what I saw as the funniest tweet of the week. So what's new this week? Let's find out! 

social media reaction



What's Facebook been doing recently? Well, get ready to strut your stuff. They are thinking about adding a 'Talent Show' singing contest option. Basically if you ever thought that you could be on American Idol, The Voice, or America's Got Talent this is for you (It is NOT for me). 

Facebook Talent Show

Basically, you would sing your own version of your favorite song and send it in to be assessed. We really don't know how it will work or who will listen to your recording and decide if you make it but it does make sense because of Facebook's deal with Universal Music Group

Facebook Reaction

Commercials. Not a new concept but that's the vibe Facebook is going for with unstoppable Stories ads. There's really no way of stopping this so we just have to accept it, so let's just move on with our lives I guess. 

ATTENTION! Facebook's WhatsApp messenger "will start charging businesses for sending marketing and customer service messages." WhatsApp actually has 1.5 billion active users. Pay attention if you're getting charged! 

In funnier news, did you see that Facebook accidentally added a 'plane' reaction this week? It was random. It didn't really make any sense at all, but it happened. 


Facebook said, "This was created as part of an employee hackathon and wasn’t cleared for takeoff. Our apologies.” LOL The better question is.... what does Facebook have planned for us?? 


Twitter is cracking down on abusive comments on Periscope. They've done it a different way then you would think though. "Twitter has decided to give community members the ability to monitor and police Periscope’s live chat rooms."  

This will all go into effect on August 10th so watch out if you're not being kind on Periscope! (If you're not you might as well get off anyways.) 

Periscope Response


I am here to tell you that LinkedIn has introduced new voice message feature. You'll have to do this on the mobile app, but it's just leaving me wondering why? Does LinkedIn have a plan for this that I am just not seeing? Someone fill me in. 

Linkedin reaction


Three words. Audio Triggered Lenses. You say a word and the Snapchat lense is triggered (like raising your eyebrows.) It's more interactive and just so fun! 

Audio Triggered Snapchat Lense

You may have also noticed custom sticker packs! This is a effort to boost connection with influencers. Check some of them out! 

Custom Sticker Packs


Very relevant. 

Tweet of the Week


What a week it has been in the world of social media! It seems like Facebook is always up to something new and exciting, and this week was no exception. I can't help but wonder if they will surprise us with new reactions next week. Until then, keep your eyes peeled for any updates or trends you come across, and feel free to send them my way so I can feature them in my next post. Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates in the world of social media!


Lizzie Williamson

Social Media Enthusiast | Dog Lover | Coffee Connoisseur | Louisiana, USA

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