Don't Let Perfection Hinder Your Progress

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I get it, you want everything to be perfect and that’s ok. Make sure to cross all of your T’s and dot your i’s but don’t let that quest for perfection hinder you from progressing toward your goal.

Don’t hide behind perfection. As entrepreneurs, your brand is all you have and it’s understandable that you’d go to great lengths to make sure nothing can tarnish that brand. But often times new entrepreneurs talk themselves out of moving forward with projects because things aren’t “perfect”. Pay very close attention to this next sentence.

Nothing will ever be perfect. Ever.

Well actually, that’s a lie. Your plan can be perfect, but plans mean nothing without action. And believe me when I say once you put some action behind your plan, you’ll see how imperfect it actually is.

We put so much stress on perfection that we forget to do. Without actually doing and putting that action behind it, your “perfect” plans won’t yield any results. When you do, yes it makes you vulnerable to mistakes but it also opens up the communication channels for feedback if and when those mistakes are made. With those communication lines open, you can use that feedback to adjust and adapt to the market response of your product or service.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

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